Reflecting the growing trend for wall-hung and back-to-wall sanitaryware for its design flexibility, ease of cleaning and compactness, Twyford now has 29 models across its portfolio, from the value-led e100 through to the mid-market e500 and Moda collections. 12 of the models are back-to-wall and 17 are wall-hung, available in a range of round and square designs.
Twyford extended its range of trademarked Rimfree® toilets in the wall-hung option by introducing four new models, two in its e100 range and two in the e500 range. The Rimfree® design means there is nowhere for germs to hide, making the toilets more hygienic and easier to clean. This makes Rimfree® toilet options available at all levels of the market so that everyone can access the benefits of the technology.
Mid-market e500 rimfree, square wall hung WC suite
Twyford’s innovative Flushwise® water-saving technology is available on 14 of its wall-hung and back-to-wall models. The dual 4/2.6 litre flushing system uses up to 60% less water than a standard flushing toilet.
The e100 range benefits from a wall-hung toilet specifically designed with inclusivity in mind, recognising people of all ages and ability levels. Its longer 700mm projection provides improved access and greater comfort for the user. A Rimfree® option is also available.
Value-led e100 rimfree, round wall hung WC suite
The introduction of new models makes a choice of Rimfree®, Flushwise® and wall-hung products available in all of Twyford’s Energy Collection ranges, from entry-level e100 to the e200 and e500 ranges.
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e100 系列的挂墙式座便器透过产品设计照顾到不同年龄层及特别护理人士的需要,其700mm深的座便器设计,为用家提供更方便、更舒适的体验。系列同时备有Rimfree®无框设计选择。




Twyford Energy Collection系列包括e100、e200及e500系列,备有Rimfree®无框设计、Flushwise®节水技术及挂墙式型号以供选择。