The VTQ range of Wireless Monitoring Solutions (WMS) includes different transmitters and receivers for different needs. 
Both the Mobile Camera Transmitter with G-Mount or V-Mount and Video Transmitter for Mobile Applications arrive with free programmable presets and the guarantee of zero interference with Wi-Fi or ISM-band systems. It is capable of operating in both HD and SD, supporting high quality HD video with miniscule delay (H.264, 1 frame delay) and embedded audio in the form of HD-SDI loop-throughs exists. 
The Stationary 2-Way MRC Diversity Receiver is a professional COFDM receiver for stationary monitoring with the capacity for UDP video stream (LAN). This allows for network integration or routing over WLAN to iPad. It also features professional MRC broadcast tuners for long range. 
VTQ’s Mobile Receiver for Outdoor Applications features 2-way MRC broadcast tuners that are highly sensitive and support long range (up to 2,500m). This feature is also available in the Monitoring Handheld Receiver for Director, which in addition, offers a high resolution 9” full-HD TFT-display and flexible power source via a changeable adapter plate.  

VTQ 的一系列无线监控解决方案(WMS)包含了满足不同需求的各种发射器和接收器。

  • 高性能即插即用监看平台
  • 稳定的COFDM传输
  • 高质量高清视频
  • 非视距传输操作
  • 外壳坚固,保护所有元件
  • 为各种现场条件所打造
  • 全向天线 (LOS)可实现长达2500米无干扰传输、方向天线(LOS)可实现4000米无干扰传输
  • 22ms低延迟
  • 8MHz小带宽传输(而非40MHz@OFDM)