Over the past 50 years, Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC)’s track record in technical and engineering excellence has remained unrivalled, earning critical acclaim including an Oscar for technical achievement. This reputation has seen MRMC become the de facto choice for professionals who want the ultimate in motion control solutions at competitive prices.

MRMC Bolt High Speed CineBot
  • Bolt CineBot is the fastest high speed camera robot 
  • Interfacing to camera, external triggers, model movers & turntables for extreme precision timing  
  • Control DMX lighting
MRMC Motion Base Controller
  • 6-degree of movement freedom 
  • Hand controlled “Maquette” 
  • Support full-size rig to mimic the motion
MRMC Bolt Jr.
  • Small, light high-speed robotic arm 
  • Only 110kg weight (under half weight of the Bolt) 
  • Camera payload up to 12kg