Jebsen Industrial Distribution & Services provides industry-proven 3D printing solutions to the automotive and aviation industry. Manufacturers are able to leverage these products, whether they are in the early stage of prototyping, producing jigs and fixtures or manufacturing fast turnaround. The products and services is able to support manufacturers to customize products on their production floor.


Stratasys F370
  • Minimal setup
  • žAuto-calibration
  • žFast and easy material swaps


Stratasys Fortus450mc
  • Complex, high-requirement parts
  • High-capacity material options
  • Advanced additive manufacturing


Stratasys J750
  • Vivid color
  • žAutomatic color mapping
  • žMultiple material selections
  • Double the number of print nozzles


Stratasys F900
  • Achieve faster build time for large parts
  • Enhanced efficiency and visualization
  • Production phase optimization