A growth story

The history of the Jebsen Group traces back to 1895 when co-founders Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen first stepped foot in China and established the company. The Group’s diverse businesses today have its roots in the industrial sector, where it found its first major trading activity.
Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen co-found Jebsen & Co as a shipping agency. Business flourishes and it quickly develops into a trading company.
Jebsen & Co signs its first distribution agreement with BASF to trade indigo dye. The dye is soon used on an industrial scale in China – a major milestone that represents both Jebsen & Co's first major trading activity as well as the beginning of Jebsen Industrial in China.
Expansion is afoot. Jebsen & Co establishes a presence in China with a new branch office and warehouse in Canton.
1914 – 1945
Two World Wars cause a global economic downturn. Despite the odds, Jebsen & Co manages to maintain its operations. In Jan 1927, it opens a branch office in Shanghai, which continues to stay in business throughout World War II.
It was tough times in China. Struggling through the unfavourable economic and business environment, Jebsen & Co worked hard to keep its offices open. It was eventually one of the last foreign firms to close its China offices even though China trade continued from its Hong Kong headquarters. It would later be one of the first to return following Deng Xiaoping’s open-door economic reforms of 1978.
Hong Kong sighed with cautious relief as it entered a 14-year countdown to the handover in 1997. Against this backdrop, the third generation of Jebsen & Co leaders began to find their feet. The younger executives, including Hans Michael Jebsen and Helmuth Hennig, who had joined the Shipping Division in 1983 and would become Jebsen & Co Ltd Group Managing Director in 2001, saw the need to move the company from a middleman culture to a value-adding culture.
By the mid-1990s, the company has established seven representative offices in China.
Jebsen & Co celebrates its 100th year of establishment with centenary celebrations.
Jebsen Industrial strengthens its regional presence with a new office in Taiwan.
Jebsen Industrial records an impressive order intake in excess of HK$2 billion for the year.
Jebsen Industrial establishes its first joint venture company, Mitec-Jebsen Dalian Co. System to supply world-class balance shafts to leading manufacturers of premium cars in China.
Jebsen Specialty Chemicals was established in Tianjin and quickly earns itself a host of industry accolades. It was named in the 2009 Top 100 companies in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Airport Economic Zone, and ranked as one of the 2009 Top Ten Enterprises of Tianjin Hazardous Goods Circulation Industry.
Meanwhile, the Jebsen R&D Centre, which focuses on food ingredients, opens in Shanghai. This move has helped to greatly enhance services to customers in the regional food industry while promoting new food concepts on behalf of its global supplier partners.
Jebsen & Co establishes a corporate brand development strategy with four strategic business units: Beverage, Consumer, Industrial and Luxury. 
Jebsen Industrial announces its second joint venture in Dalian, China. Jebsen-TCG Automotive Systems (Dalian), established with Austrian partner TCG Unitech, manufactures high-performance state-of-the-art oil pumps for China’s rapidly growing automotive industry.
The Mitec-Jebsen joint venture continues to do well and opens a new plant in Dalian.
Jebsen Group as a whole also posts encouraging results, achieving its ‘double-in-five’ vision of doubling revenue in five years.
Jebsen-TCG Automotive Systems begins production in a state-of-the-art facility in Dalian.
Jebsen Industrial announces its third joint venture in Dalian, MSR-Jebsen Technologies, which will focus on gasoline direct injection fuel pump-housings before expanding into turbo chargers and dual clutch applications in the future.

CleanOil Investment Ltd and Jebsen Industrial jointly opened a lubrication oil recycling facility in Gaolan Port, Zhuhai, China.  It's the first facility in China adopting the state-of-the-art and patented oil re-refining technology to produce Group II/II+ base oil.  

The Cinematic & Broadcasting Business creates the brand "JCineCast"  and opens a lens and film equipment repair and maintenance service centre named “JCineCare”.  It also launched an online community and e-commerce platform for the film and broadcast industry: www.jcinecast.com

Jebsen Industrial strategically reorganises into four business lines emphasising on Natural, Electronic, Intelligent and Smart solutions, thereby taking the path towards Green, Clean and Wellbeing field.

Jebsen Building Products joins the Jebsen Industrial family.

Jebsen Specialty Chemicals launches “WeiWanJia”, its first self-owned brand in the food industry developed by its own Research & Development team. It also launches an e-commerce platform for the food ingredients, nutrition and health industry: http://jsconline.1688.com

The Automation & Services Business opens its first Spindle Repair Centre in Dalian providing professional spindle repair service throughout China.


Jebsen Specialty Ingredients & Solutions launches “BelleSalud”, the second-owned brand after Weiwanjia.


Jebsen JCineCast jointly invests with a Principal to design, manufacture and distribute a new range of Angenieux zoom lenses – the Angenieux Type EZ Series - an advanced cine-style cameras tailored for prosumer segment.





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