Taste Nature Through Technology

Akay Flavours & Aromatics Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of paprika and spice oleoresins, natural essential oils, and natural colours for the global food industry.

It sources high-grade raw materials from the world’s best spice farming regions, and then uses the latest extraction technologies and methodologies to ensure that its products are always of the highest quality. This attention to detail has made Akay the first company from India to supply organic spice oleoresins conforming to the strictest US and EU regulations.

Since its founding in Kerala, India in 1995, Akay has established a solid reputation around the world.

Jebsen Industrial has supplied and supported Akay ingredients in Greater China since 1980’s. We provide advanced technical services and sales support to help you:

  • Consistently produce quality products;
  • Keep up with industry trends; and
  • Minimize product development time.


Curry Powder
  • 质量稳定,品质可靠
  • 香味浓郁,风味纯正
  • 采用瓶装,方便使用
    • Consistent and reliable quality
    • Rich aroma and authentic flavour 
    • Conveniently bottled for ease of use



    Cracked Black Pepper
    • Quality-guaranteed premium ingredients
    • Rich flavour and aroma
    • Versatile in use 



    Oleoresins, Essential Oils

    • High-grade raw materials
    • Latest extraction technologies: steam distillation, solvent extraction; super-critical extraction
    • Advanced manufacturing processes