Pioneering Fluid Head Innovator

OConnor Engineering makes the famous Ultimate range of fluid heads, featuring continuous counterbalance and fluid drag. With the matching tripods, these fluid heads are favoured by leading cinematographers around the world.

OConnor Engineering Laboratories was founded in 1949 by Chadwell O'Connor. A steam train enthusiast, he designed his first fluid head camera system to enable him to film moving trains without jumps or distracting starts and stops. A fellow train buff spotted his unusual camera setup one day and liked the concept so much that he asked O’Connor to build him one for his new film. That man was Walt Disney.

In Greater China, OConnor has been represented by the region’s film technology pioneer Jebsen Industrial since 2005. Jebsen Industrial is committed to providing filmmakers with the best quality consulting services and equipment, along with exceptional maintenance support.


Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head
  • Continuously adjustable OConnor sinusoidal counterbalance
  • Cine standard positioned controls including brakes
  • Intuitive front handle mount
Oconnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head
  • Spreader is infinitely adjustable spreader
  • Integral tripod with strong elastic clip-down device which can be secured in seconds
  • LM25 anodised, stove enamelled black texture castings