Specialist Chemicals Manufacturing World Leader

Chemtura is a global supplier of chemical products such as plastic additives, seed treatments, pool and spa treatments, components for lubricants and pipe linings. Chemtura is relied on worldwide in the manufacturing, building and construction, agriculture, electronics, and transportation industries.

US-based Chemtura was formed in 2005 as a result of a merger but it has a history of innovation and growth in textiles, rubber, and chemicals manufacturing that dates back to the 1800s. Today Chemtura continues to develop speciality chemicals from research and development and manufacturing facilities around the world.

Jebsen Industrial has supplied Chemtura specialty chemicals in China since 1985. An industry pioneer, Jebsen Industrial is committed to supporting China’s petrochemical sector as it seeks to further enhance product quality and output and achieve economies of scale.

Phenolic Antioxidants, - Amine Antioxidants,- Phosphite Antioxidants, - Thio Ester Antioxidants
  • Range of antioxidants for use in plastics and engine lubricants
  • Improved product performance
  • Extensive product range and on-going product development
Aluminum Alkyls
  • Refined to uniform particle size for reliable inclusion in product processing
  • Extensive range of products suitable for specific applications