The culinary herb expert


Darégal was founded 125 years ago in the French region of Milly-la-Forêt, long known for its medicinal plants. Today, the brand flavours the world with its extensive range of aromatic herbs for cooking. Working with local farmers, Darégal ensures consistent quality by supervising the entire farming process—from selecting seeds and preparing the fields to harvesting with its own specially designed equipment. Its production facilitates are never more than an hour away from the farms, ensuring that the freshness, intensity and aromatic qualities of the plants are well preserved in its products.


Darégal now partners Jebsen Industrial to bring the authentic flavours of French herbs to the Chinese food industry. This collaboration is further supported by Jebsen Industrial’s in-house R&D expertise, which supports local customers with expert consultation and creative new applications. 

Squeeze Herb Sauce
  • Easy-to-use
  • Diversified combination of natural herbs and flavour compound
  • Used as sauce, garnish or marinade
Fresh Dry + Aromatic Herb
  • Traceability: Quality assurance from farm to storage
  • Safety: Strict controls in microbial account and non-GMO
  • Convenience: Free flowing (3-5mm granules); ease of storage and use 
Individually Quick Frozen Aromatic Herbs (IQF Aromatic Herbs)
  • Freshness: well-preserved aromatic thanks to the advanced technology
  • Long shelf life: Three years (frozen) starting from manufacturing date
Infused Oil | Daregal
  • 100% natural; no additives
  • Clean label:sunflower oil and herbs
  • Full traceability and consistent quality