Major Producer of Titanium Dioxide Pigments

Kronos is a major international producer of titanium dioxide pigments used in the manufacture of paints, plastics, paper, fibres, and ceramics to maximise its whiteness and opacity.  Kronos also supplies ilmenite ore produced from its own mine in Norway.

Kronos has existed as a company since 1989 but its history in making titanium pigments dates back to 1916. Kronos’ role as a leader in the industry includes the commercialisation of chloride process technology, which is now used to make more than 60% of the world’s titanium dioxide pigment.

Jebsen Industrial has supplied Kronos TiO2 pigments in Greater China since 1973. An industry pioneer, Jebsen Industrial is committed to supporting China’s petrochemicals sector as it seeks to further enhance product quality and output and achieve economies of scale.

纤维级钛白粉,Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide
  • Refined to uniform particle size for reliable inclusion in product processing
  • Extensive range of products suitable for specific applications