Crane & Dolly Technology Leader

The global leader in the development and manufacture of camera dollies and cranes, Panther has greatly influenced the film industry over the past three decades. Since 2002, it has also focused on serving the needs of television production, with compact cranes, dollies, and tripod systems.

Panther stands for design innovation and high-quality manufacturing. Its equipment delivers unbeatable strength and reliability and exceptional functionality. Headquartered in Germany, it is respected around the world.

In Greater China, Panther has partnered the region’s film technology pioneer Jebsen Industrial since 1991.

Jebsen Industrial combines unrivalled local experience with deep knowledge of cutting-edge global technologies to provide the consulting services and equipment to the local industry, along with expert support and maintenance services.

Panther Precision Mono Track
  • Up to 5.5m (18’) length for quick and fast track leveling 
  • Can be used without track sleepers – optional various track sleepers are available 
Panther ISO Dampener
  • Absorb horizontal vibration 
  • Dampening adjustment 
  • Payload 90 kg (200lbs)
Panther Foxy Pro Air Crane
  • Simple transport 
  • Insensitive to wind 
  • Lightweight 
Panther Cranked Bazooka
  • Payload 150kg (330lbs) 
  • 2 sizes: 17-24.5” & 24.5-39” 
  • 2 lift range: 7.5” & 15”
Panther Twister Dolly
  • Realises a central camera position on eye level 
  • Extremely low starting position
  • Innovative three-column system
Panther Classic Plus
  • Rugged, almost maintenance free and sturdy design
  • Easy operation, unconstrained versatility
  • Tool-less switchover
Panther Boogie wheels
  • 8 x 3 skateboard wheels (24 in total)
  • Articulated wheels combined with swivelling tray
  • Offset position of skateboard wheels
Panther Precision Levelling Track
  • Levelling possibilities from 0cm up to 67cm/26.4“
  • Three-step levelling without any tools
  • Telescopic tubes with payload of 850kg/1874lbs each
Panther Foxy Crane Pro
  • Payload increase of 10% compared to Foxy Advanced
  • Higher load capacity of 21% compared to competing products
  • Two steering modes—front and four-wheel
Panther U-Bangi
  • Supports four different ways of camera mounting
  • Adapts well to individual needs and requirements
  • Range is easily adjusted
Panther Maximus 7
  • Compact, lightweight and weather-proof • Levelling head not required
  • Quick system mounting for all rigs—Mitechell mount included
  • Wide payload inertia range


Panther GALAXY Crane
  • Leading film-industry crane system
  • High rigs up to 18.1 m; V-trapezoid bracing with 4-side stability
  • Safety, long-life, and easy, comfortable handling
Panther Trister Dolly
  • Low dynamic friction produces low operating noise
  • Foldable push bar with six different positions
  • Combination of studio wheels and track wheels
Panther S-Type Dolly
  • Powered by electro-mechanical drive system
  • Patented scissors-arm with low and super-low mode
  • Detachable arm & steering rod
Panther Vibration Isolator
  • Absorb vibrations 
  • Flat design 
  • Ergonomic dray and brake knobs
Panther U-Bangi-Slider-XY
  • Support liner, turnaround or 360° movement 
  • 3 pairings available: 48/64cm, 64/88cm, and 88/136cm 
  • Longest run offers 290cm (nearly 9 feet) of movement in one slider