The industry leader in silicate products


PQ Corporation is a leading producer of silicate, zeolite and other performance enhancing materials used in the detergent, pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum, catalyst, water treatment, construction and beverage markets. It also supplies a range of engineered glass materials used for highway safety, polymer additive, metal finishing and conductive particle markets. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, PQ markets more than 40 distinct, silica-based chemical and performance product lines today.


Jebsen Industrial is proud to be a long-standing partner of PQ in Greater China, a relationship that dates back to 1985. An industry pioneer, Jebsen Industrial is committed to supporting China’s petrochemicals sector as it seeks to further enhance product quality and output in a sustainable, cost-effective manner.

Synthetic Silica (SiO2)
  • Range of speciality chrome-on-silica catalysts
  • Enable manufacture of high-grade polyethylene (PE) products
  • High activity levels, enhanced melt index potential
合成二氧化硅 Synthetic Silica (SiO2)
Anti-Blocking Synthetic Silica (SiO₂)
  • Synthetic antiblocking silicas for PE/PP film manufacturing
  • Prevent polymer films sticking together (blocking)
  • Accurate particle size; FDA and BGA approved
Anti-caking Agent,抗结剂
Anti-caking Agent | PQ
  • Controlled particle size (4 – 22 μm)
  • Fast flow rates, less flow variability, resists over-mixing
  • High moisture capacity, high oil absorption