Filter and Lens Accessory Leader

Tiffen has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of photographic filters and lens accessories for the film and broadcast television industries for over 70 years.

With a rich history of innovative product design, superior optical consistency, and unparalleled quality, it is recognized worldwide for its product and engineering excellence.

US-based Tiffen offers a range of industry-leading brand names, including Tiffen filters and lenses; Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite; and Steadicam. It also produces tripods, camera bags, lighting accessories, and rotary trimmers.

In Greater China, Tiffen has worked with Jebsen Industrial, the region’s film and theatre technology pioneer, since 1990. Jebsen Industrial combines unrivalled local experience with deep knowledge of cutting-edge global technologies. We are committed to providing you with the best quality consulting services, equipment, and support and maintenance expertise.

NATural ND Filter

  • Unsurpassed neutrality across the visual and IR spectrum
  • Tiffen’s ColorCore® Process: laminate the filter effect between two pieces of glass, ensuring the integrity of the filtration

Tiffen T1
  • Made with White Water Glass
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Built with Tiffen’s ColorCore™ technology
Tiffen IRND Glimmer Glass
  • 3 filters in one
  • Suitable for digital cameras
  • Ideal for lightweight or clip-on matte boxes


Tiffen 138 VND
  • Up to 6-stops of Tiffen VND*
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Fits directly into bar mounted matte boxes


Tiffen 138 Rotating Multi Tray
  • World’s lightest geared rotating 138mm Circular Polariser 
  • Available in 3 filter configurations
  • Geared adjustment for precision exposure


Tiffen IRND
  • Effectively eliminates the effects of IR pollution
  • Achieves optimum colour accuracy and colour performance
  • Available in popular motion picture sizes


Tiffen Hollywood/FX
  • Wide range of Hollywood-style special effects filters
  • Award-winning Ultra Contrast, Glimmerglass, Pro-Mist, and more
  • Improve control and eliminate post-production uncertainty
Tiffen Special Effects Filters
  • Wide range of special effects filters
  • See effects immediately to eliminate post-production uncertainty
Tiffen Protective/UV/Haze Control Filters
  • Range of protective UV filters
  • Variety of UV absorption levels
  • Kept on the camera at all times to protect the lens from damage
Tiffen Polarizing Filters
  • Essential outdoor polarizing filters
  • Improve colour saturation, enhance contrast
  • Minimize reflections
Tiffen Light Balancing Filters
  • Light balancing filters for all conditions
  • Maintain pleasing natural skin tones and true-to-life colours
Tiffen Colour Conversion Filters
  • Colour conversion filters to provide better images
  • Converts tungsten film to daylight; daylight film to tungsten