Global Gelatine Leader

Weishardt Group is among the four largest producers of gelatine in the world. It also develops and manufactures other edible, pharmaceutical, and technical ingredients for:


  • Hard and soft capsules
  • Confectionery
  • Cakes and pastries
  • Dairy products


A family run company since its founding in France in 1839 to produce gelatine, Weishardt has thrived because of the quality and traceability of its products and the commitment and dedication of the Weishardt family. Today it is a world leader in cold soluble gelatines, hydrolysed marine collagens, and complex tailor-made ingredients blends.

All Weishardt products are manufactured in modern installations that conform to strict sanitary rules. The veterinary and sanitary authorities carry out regular checks and a HACCP system is in place so that conditions are continuously being improved.

Weishardt has partnered Jebsen Industrial in Greater China since 2004. Expert food engineers and R&D specialists from Jebsen Industrial help you leverage Weishardt’s expertise to create profitable new products with minimum development time.


Fish Collagen | Weishardt
  • 100 % natural marine collagen
  • Easy solubility
  • Neutral taste and smell
Gelatine | Weishardt
  • Jelly strength from 140 to 300 Bloom
  • Water content: residual value after drying, 12% max
  • Particle size: from 6 mesh grain to 60 mesh powder