Supporting Juli Sling’s upstream expansion into high-end heavy-duty chain production, Jebsen Industrial and its partner WAFIOS are helping it fulfil its potential as a global industry leader.

Juli Sling is the foremost company in the Chinese rigging industry.

The combination of advanced WAFIOS technology and Jebsen Industrial service and support proved to be unbeatable.The Challenge: Support Expansion into Chain Production
Juli Sling is the foremost company in the Chinese rigging industry. The sector pioneer, it has long advocated the standardization and internationalization of the local industry to improve quality and professionalism. Juli Sling has continued to lead in the rigging field with an emphasis on research and development and continuous improvement.

Juli Sling now supplies China’s most complete range of high-quality professional slings and rigs. With products to cover lifting, pulling, and load securement, it counts more than 80% of the nation’s top 100 industrial companies among its customers.

China’s large coal mining sector is a major user of Juli Sling products. Previously, however, the chains which are an integral part of these products were primarily imported. Thick chains, which require advanced technology to produce, had traditionally been sourced entirely from top overseas producers, while thinner chains could be supplied by one of several good local companies or imported from Europe.

The King of Sling Expands
Juli Sling established an ambitious expansion plan back in 2006. It determined that an upstream expansion into the production of heavy-duty chains would help it better control quality and costs, and open up a new market in China. Ultimately, this expansion would also support its goal of being recognized as the “King of Sling” in the international arena.

The problem for Juli Sling was that while it was already an established leader in sling production, it was still very new to the chain making market. At this point, it contacted an expert in this field: Jebsen Industrial.

The Solution: Expert Consultancy and Advanced Technology
With a wealth of specialist experience in the chain, spring, and wire bending industry, Jebsen Industrial was able to introduce Juli Sling to WAFIOS, the world’s leading manufacturer of chain production machines.

The combination of advanced WAFIOS technology and Jebsen Industrial service and support proved to be unbeatable. Jebsen Industrial has represented WAFIOS in Greater China since 1981. Furthermore, it has an extensive nationwide service network and an incredible depth of expertise, built up over more than a century at the forefront of industrial development in Greater China. Jebsen Industrial is thus uniquely able to provide expert consulting and commissioning services, staff training, and reliable maintenance support on all WAFIOS products.

World-Class Chain Production
Jebsen Industrial actively liaised with Juli Sling, providing consultation from the earliest planning stage, when the production plant was being designed. It also coordinated with WAFIOS on the delivery, installation, and commissioning of the new plant equipment and supported WAFIOS technicians to provide a high level of training and experience sharing with their Juli Sling counterparts.

“With over 30 years experience of WAFIOS products and many decades as a trusted partner of industry in China, Jebsen Industrial has the necessary expertise to support an industry leader of the calibre of Juli Sling. The manufacture of high-strength chains is a very specialist field. It requires durable, robust, heavy-duty machines for chain bending, welding, and calibration, as well as well-trained staff and well-planned processes to ensure operator safety and continuous long-term operation,” said Ken Cheng, Sales Manager, Jebsen Industrial. “With the support of Jebsen Industrial and WAFIOS, Juli Sling has established itself as a new force in the global chain production business.”

Making an investment of more than US million, Juli Sling has so far set up three world-class chain production lines in China: two for heavy-duty coal mining chains and one for lighter weight lifting chains with diameters up to 20mm. The plants have a combined annual output of 9000 tones.

From contract confirmation to initial production, the project required about two years, with installation and testing taking between six and nine months.

Partnership Supports Continuing Expansion
Following the success of the WAFIOS technology implementation for chain production, Juli Sing is now further expanding into wire manufacturing. Once again, Jebsen Industrial is able to draw upon its nationwide experience and resources and its global network of contacts to support Juli Sing’s growth. Jebsen Industrial has close relationships with many top-class suppliers of wire machinery, tools, and materials, including Koch, QED, and Sunwyre in addition to WAFIOS.

“To Juli Sing and our other customers in China’s booming metals and mining sector, we pledge to continue to offer access to the most efficient and reliable products and solutions from around the world through our partnerships with the industry’s top technology producers,” said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial.

The World’s Best Chain Making Technology
WAFIOS is regarded as the world leader in chain making technology and it is the market leader in heavy-duty chains for the coal mining industry. The German innovator is well respected in China for its professional and reliability. Its technology meets both Chinese and European standards and is used by all of China’s top five chain makers. Overall, it claims about 50% of the market for imported coal mining chain machinery in China.

WAFIOS was founded in 1893 in Germany and has a history of significant contributions to the industrial wire processing field.


For More Information
For more information about Jebsen Industrial solutions for the metals and mining industry, please send an email to indenquiry@jebsen.com or visit the website at: www.jebsenindustrial.com

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