In an exciting new collaboration, Xinxiang Xinliang and Jebsen Industrial have joined together to open a first-of-its-kind training and technology centre that will stimulate the development of the bakery industry in China.

In an exciting new collaboration, Xinxiang Xinliang and Jebsen Industrial have joined together to open a first-of-its-kind training and technology centre that will stimulate the development of the bakery industry in China.
The Challenge: Helping China’s Bakery Industry Flourish

Xinxiang Xinliang Cereals and Oil Processing Co., Ltd (Xinxiang Xinliang) is committed to researching, developing, and producing premium special flour. Its products are supplied to leading bakeries and food enterprises throughout central China, helping them deliver consistent high-quality bakery products and achieve optimal production efficiency. The company is part of New Land Group, the largest specialty flour producer in Henan Province and one of China’s top four specialty flour enterprises.

In 2011, Xinxiang Xinliang Chairman, Zhu Lianliang, who has led his company’s transformation from a small processing plant into one of China’s leading industrial agriculture enterprises, began working to establish a training and technology centre that would enhance the competitiveness of the bakery sector.

“Our aim is to stimulate the development of the bakery industry in central China,” he explained. “So we planned the bakery centre as both an international bakery training base and a research and development (R&D) hub. We wanted to create a place where the bakery industry could come together and engage in resource sharing, marketing cooperation, and product innovation to benefit the sector as a whole.”


Likeminded Partner with Global Expertise

Jebsen Industrial, a pioneer in the food and beverage (F&B) industry in China, had similar ambitions. For many decades, it has provided a link between leading international equipment and ingredients suppliers and China’s fast-modernizing F&B sector.

“Consumer tastes are changing here in China. Traditional snacks, including dumplings, noodles, and moon cakes, are now facing competition from international food items such as breads, muffins, and egg tarts, driving bakery industry growth of 20 percent per annum. At the same time, the industry is moving from manual systems to automated, high-tech operations offering enhanced productivity, quality, safety, and hygiene with lower water and energy consumption,” said Dr Elizabeth Leung, General Manager of Jebsen Industrial’s Food, Beverage & Pharma Division.

An active member of All-China Bakery Association and the China Food Additives & Ingredients Association, Jebsen Industrial has extensive technical and market knowledge and in-depth R&D expertise. It maintains a portfolio of the finest international processing and packaging equipment and also supplies high-quality specialist ingredients from around the world. A state-of-the-art Jebsen Specialty Chemicals R&D facility opened in Shanghai in 2008 to provide food ingredients research and technical services. With food processing engineers stationed at the R&D centre and throughout China, Jebsen Industrial plays a key role in helping F&B companies discover new and improved applications for food ingredients.

“We are committed to leveraging our knowledge, experience, and global relationships to help China’s bakers capture the huge opportunities in their industry,” Dr Leung continued.

When Jebsen Industrial approached Xinxiang Xinliang via the All-China Bakery Association, it therefore embraced the opportunity to be involved in creating the new bakery training and technology centre.

“Jebsen Industrial shared Xinxiang Xinliang’s vision of a well-equipped new facility where people from China’s bakery industry can access the advanced tools and expert knowledge they need to stay in tune with changing food trends in China,” added Lorenz Zimmermann, Jebsen Industrial Director. “We are delighted to partner Xinxiang Xinliang in making this vision a reality.”


The Solution: Creating a Complete Bakery Centre in Central China

The New Land-Jebsen Baking Food Technology Service Centre was developed to offer training, information, and services to bakery enterprises in central China. It includes a factory designed to facilitate product development and allow small-scale pilot production a fully equipped training room, and well-presented multi-function rooms designed for meetings, press conferences, product launches, and technical seminars.

Since hands-on experiences are a key feature of the facility, Xinxiang Xinliang and Jebsen Industrial thus ensure that those using the Centre have access to the latest European baking equipment and technology, a full range of food ingredients, and advice from equipment and ingredients experts and recipe development specialists.


Advanced Technology from Jebsen Industrial

The New Land-Jebsen Baking Food Technology Service Centre is fully equipped with the very latest in advanced European bakery technology from Jebsen Industrial and its technology partners. The systems currently in use include:
•    Sveba-Dahlen proofers, deck ovens, and rack ovens;
•    BEAR Varimixer mixers;
•    Glimek dough mixers, dough dividers and rounders, and baguette moulders;
•    a Glimek flexible bread line; and
•    a Fritsch sheeting machine, cutting table, and croissant coiler.

In order that the Centre is able to lead the development of the bakery industry in China, the partners will regularly upgrade the facility’s tools and equipment. Jebsen Industrial will leverage its wealth of industry experience and extensive international network to ensure that the local baking industry is introduced to the latest global technologies and trends. Technicians from Jebsen Industrial will also be responsible for providing technical support at the new facility.


International Support from Partner

In addition, Sveba-Dahlen will work with Jebsen Industrial to foster the New Land-Jebsen Baking Food Technology Service Centre’s connections with overseas bakery schools, to facilitate the free flow of information, and to ensure that the Centre’s courses meet international standards and suit local tastes.


Designing and Equipping the Centre

To house the New Land-Jebsen Baking Food Technology Service Centre, Xinxiang Xinliang provided an entire floor in an office building in the heart of the city of Xinxiang in Henan province. While an ideal location for the first centre of its kind in China, the 1,300-square-metre space had three serious shortcomings:
•    Its floor loading was unsuitable for heavy equipment;
•    Its vapour extraction system was inadequate; and
•    The lift serving it was of limited capacity.

During the design phase of the project, Jebsen Industrial worked closely with Xinxiang Xinliang and partner to ensure that the floor was reinforced to accommodate the intended equipment and that an appropriate industrial extraction system was installed. To support decisions about interior layout, Jebsen Industrial also arranged for the engineering and design team to visit different bakery environments and see different equipment configurations in action.

Given the fact that the lift was of limited size, it was also necessary for Jebsen Industrial to disassemble the majority of the equipment imported for the bakery centre. Even so, many of the components were too large for the lift and had to be carried up the stairs to the 26th floor, where the equipment was reassembled in situ.

The New Land-Jebsen Baking Food Technology Service Centre has been operational since April 2012, providing a range of services to China’s bakery industry. These include:
•    Technical seminars, training courses, product launches, and lectures by international experts;
•    Recipe development and consultancy by Jebsen Industrial’s R&D centre;
•    Tailor-made baking pre-mix, developed and supplied by Xinxiang Xinliang; and
•    Consultancy on equipment applications by Jebsen Industrial specialists.

“With complementary R&D strength and deep insight into domestic and overseas markets, Xinxiang Xinliang and Jebsen Industrial are ideal partners to develop China’s growing bakery industry,” concluded Mr. Zimmermann. “We expect our new training and technology centre to contribute considerably to the industry for many years to come.”


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