The most modern bread factory in China has been created by Christine Food with the support of Jebsen Industrial and several of its world-leading equipment partners from Europe.
The most modern bread factory in China has been created by Christine Food with the support of Jebsen Industrial and several of its world-leading equipment partners from Europe.

The Challenge: Transform China’s Bakery Sector

Since its founding in Shanghai in 1992, Christine Food Co., Ltd. has transformed China’s bakery sector. It originally followed the shop/factory model popular in the early days of the industry, whereby individual retail outlets produced breads and cakes on the premises. But, by 1999 – when it had a total of 19 shops – it was determined to accelerate growth.  

Christine’s strategy was to adopt centralized mass production and set a new standard for consistent quality. It thus set out to build the nation’s most modern bread and cake factory, with Jebsen Industrial as its turnkey project partner.

The Solution: Insight and Experience

For almost a decade, Christine has been creating the largest and most advanced bakery in China at its factory in Jiangning. It has invested more than EUR 11 million via Jebsen in state-of-the-art production systems that meet the highest international standards.

As a pioneer of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical (FBP) sector in Greater China, Jebsen Industrial is uniquely positioned as a bridge between local food manufacturers and global FBP sector suppliers. Since the 1970s, Jebsen Industrial has maintained close relationships with the European manufacturers of the finest FBP processing and packaging equipment as well as some of the world’s best ingredients companies.

Creative Solutions

Christine and Jebsen Industrial began working together in 2005, when Jebsen Industrial supplied an advanced Reimelt flour and ingredient handling system to streamline frozen dough production. As Christine continued to expand its factory’s capabilities, Jebsen Industrial continued to offer its insight and expertise as the firm’s turnkey project partner.

Jebsen Industrial has now helped Christine select, customize, and deploy three new automatic production lines. A key challenge for the two partners was that the Christine factory was not originally built for bakery production: ceiling height, building layout, and floor loading capability were not ideal. Innovative solutions, the result of creative thinking and long industry experience, were required.

Advanced Technologies

The first floor of the giant Jiangning factory is occupied by a multi-purpose production line installed in 2007 to produce bread and cake. It comprises advanced equipment from Jebsen Industrial and its European suppliers, including:

  • an automatic packing system on the cake production line, with SPS electronic wrapping equipment and Cama carton sleeving machinery;
  • a Nielsen chocolate enrober and cooling tunnel;
  • Mecatherm toast bread moulding and proofing machines; and
  • Reimelt’s advanced flour and ingredients handling system for frozen dough production.

The second floor of the Jiangning factory houses two continuous bread production lines from Mecatherm. Installed from May 2009, these lines cover all phases of the production process – from dividing, moulding, and resting to proofing, scoring, baking, cooling, and freezing. Going into full production in 2010, one of these lines has an output of up to 600 kgs of dough per hour, while the other handles up to 1,000 kgs of dough per hour.

This part of the Christine factory also has two Mecatherm baking ovens, used for moon cakes and pies, and two Sancassiano mixers.

“With insight into the latest European bakery trends, Jebsen Industrial is uniquely able to help its partners introduce new products and product categories to China,” said Theresa, Manager of Bakery & Food Processing Department of Jebsen Industrial. “For example, we worked with Christine to introduce brioche – a deliciously rich pastry popular in France – to China. The Mecatherm line deployed by Christine is the first fully automatic production line in China for brioche bread – giving Chinese consumers a new taste sensation and helping Christine maintain its reputation as the nation’s bakery leader.”

A further benefit of working with Jebsen Industrial is that it is able to provide standalone equipment and complete production lines for all processes within a modern bakery.

“The depth and range of our FBP supplier relationships is second to none, and this translates into competitive advantage for our customers in China,” Theresa continued. “From consultation to installation, trial production, and ongoing support and maintenance, we manage the entire process to give customers a complete production solution capable of delivering a variety of top-quality baked goods – breads, cakes, and pies, for example – on a single production line.”

Leading in a Highly Competitive Market

With a high-quality, fast-growth strategy built around automation with the best European bakery technology, Christine has become one of the largest bakery companies in China. From 19 outlets in 1999, it has expanded to have a network of nearly 900  cake shops and bakeries today.  

Christine’s leadership position in the industry also won it the honor of helping showcase China to the world as food provider to Expo 2010.

“Christine has automated and integrated its production lines and become the leader of this ultra-competitive market segment. Along the way, it has also transformed China’s bakery sector, adapting the hottest European bakery trends with insight from its turnkey project partner Jebsen Industrial,” said Mr. Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial.


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