Jebsen Industrial delivers China’s biggest hotel tri-gen system

Jebsen Industrial managed the fast and efficient deployment and commissioning of China’s biggest hotel-based tri-generation plant in Beijing to allow on-site generation of clean electrical power, hot water heating, and air-conditioning.

Jebsen Industrial delivers China’s biggest hotel tri-gen system  Jebsen Industrial delivers China’s biggest hotel tri-gen system  Jebsen Industrial delivers China’s biggest hotel tri-gen system

The Challenge: Clean Energy and Reduced Emissions

In early 2006, with Beijing abuzz with preparations for the upcoming Olympics, the Beijing Convention Centre Garden Hotel began seriously looking at how it could deploy clean energy technologies and reduce its carbon footprint.

Sitting down with China’s power energy pioneer Jebsen Industrial, developer Beijing Northstar Industrial Group was clear in wanting to contribute to city-wide efforts to improve environmental protection and alleviate climate change.

However, the project timeframe was extremely tight. The 550-room luxury hotel had to be fully operational before August 2008, when it would host the world’s Olympic media.

The Solution: Efficient Trigeneration Technology

Drawing on its knowledge of global energy-efficient technologies, and its China-specific deployment experience, Jebsen Industrial proposed the installation of China’s biggest1 hotel-based tri-generation plant.

Built around two GE Jenbacher engines, the system would use natural gas to efficiently generate three forms of energy onsite at the hotel: electricity, heat, and cooling.

Jebsen Industrial has been the trusted China partner of GE Jenbacher, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas-fuelled engines, for more than a decade. It was sure that the company’s technology was up to the task and that it could move quickly to deliver the engines to Beijing on schedule.

Efficient Technology from the World Leader

Proven globally over many years, the GE Jenbacher J312 gas-fuelled engines are efficient, durable, and reliable. They deliver low fuel consumption and long service intervals, and are compact for convenient installation.

At the Beijing Convention Centre Garden Hotel, these engines were deployed to efficiently generate electrical power for onsite use. They are capable of supplying 1052kW of electricity.

The GE Jenbacher engines also capture and transfer the heat energy produced during power generation. It can then be used to heat the hotel’s hot water and for conversion to cooling energy for air conditioning via absorption chillers. Even at full occupancy during the Games, the hotel produced enough energy for all its heating and cooling needs.

With the installation of the tri-generation solution proposed by Jebsen Industrial, the hotel calculated that its overall fuel efficiency was over 80 per cent, compared to as little as 30 per cent for coal-fired electricity generation.  

Effective Project Management from the Sector Pioneer

With its strong relationships with key industry players, and in-depth understanding of the local power sector, Jebsen Industrial was uniquely able to plan and execute this complex project.

As project manager, Jebsen Industrial coordinated the activities of all the many different parties crucial to this deployment: the auxiliary equipment suppliers, installation contractors , system design specialist, and so on. It was also responsible for overseeing system design and for conducting systems testing throughout the seven-month deployment process.

“Jebsen Industrial leveraged all of its knowhow and experience to optimize the efficiency of the hotel’s tri-generation system, and to ensure that it was fully integrated with the hotel’s physical infrastructure and back-end systems on time. Thanks to our onsite team, this plant was operating smoothly well before the first Olympic guests arrived,” said Mr Lorenz Zimmermann, Director of Jebsen Industrial.

The Beijing Convention Centre Garden Hotel tri-generation plant deployment was completed very rapidly. Discussions began in May 2006; the supply contract was signed in September 2006; and the plant went into full operation in May 2008.

1 In terms of electrical capacity

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