Safety and service are behind every customised building maintenance unit delivered by Jebsen Industrial to allow full access to the complex facades of modern high-rise buildings.

BMU at Shatin Government Office Building, Hong Kong

BMU at Shatin Government Office Building, Hong Kong

The challenging curved curtain wall of Wynn Resort Macau

The challenging curved curtain wall of Wynn Resort Macau

Jebsen Industrial BMU at Tuen Mun Hospital, Hong Kong

Jebsen Industrial BMU at Tuen Mun Hospital, Hong Kong

A customized BMU serves the Harbour Grand Hong Kong Hotel

A customized BMU serves the Harbour Grand Hong Kong Hotel

The Challenge: A Safer Cityscape

In the cities of Greater China, architecture has literally reached new heights. High-rise buildings are the norm, and aesthetic considerations and a love of modern materials and free-flowing forms have given rise to many of the world’s most breathtaking and instantly recognisable cityscapes.

Through stunning shapes and glittering facades, Asia’s iconic buildings capture the spirit of these thrusting metropolises and the people who inhabit them. They represent optimism, hard work, and an ability to overcome all obstacles in the pursuit of progress and modern perfection. These same attributes are demanded from the engineers charged with maintaining the beauty of these marvels of design and construction, and ensuring that safety standards are always met. Every day, high above our cities, they work in challenging conditions on seemingly impossible curves and surfaces, and in every type of weather. Very often, their partner in these superhuman efforts is Jebsen Industrial. 

The Solution: Flexible Systems with Safety First
With more than a century of experience supporting the booming construction and building maintenance sector in Greater China, Jebsen Industrial has the right building maintenance unit (BMU) for every structure, regardless of its height, the complexity of its contours, or the challenges of the materials is employs. The firm specializes in creating unique solutions for individual facade designs and can even ensure that its BMUs disappear out of sight when not in use to maintain the cleanest of architectural lines.

“The unsung heroes suspended above our streets keep our cities’ landmarks clean, pristine, and safe. They perform constant essential maintenance to safeguard public safety and to protect building owners’ huge capital investment,” said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial. “With a century of local experience in this industry, Jebsen Industrial understands their challenges and is committed to their safety.”

The Jebsen Industrial BMU solution, comprising gondola platforms, facade cleaning hoists, rigging equipment, safety gear, and other components, has three critical characteristics:

Individualised Solutions: With standard modular products from the world’s leading equipment suppliers, unrivalled knowledge of local conditions, and a wealth of experience in special designs, Jebsen Industrial is able to customise its systems to allow access to every part of any shaped building facade.

Safe Technologies: Safety, speed of setup, and effectiveness are the standards by which Jebsen Industrial’s BMUs are judged. High-quality, lightweight, and durable materials are used; flexible, easily configured systems are favoured; and safety certifications and other assurances are standard.

Ongoing Service: Operators are coached by Jebsen Industrial to conduct regular and punctual maintenance of their BMU systems. This increases the safety and durability of the systems, and minimises the wear on certain components for more cost-effective operation. Besides this, Jebsen Industrial’s qualified application engineers and technicians are always on-call to provide advice and support.

Leaders in Suspended Access
Jebsen Industrial has long-term relationships with the world’s best BMU equipment suppliers, including the pioneers and innovators of the suspended access industry Sky Climber (Belgium) and Power Climber (US). Together with these and other partners, it has designed and deployed many permanent BMU installations in use across Hong Kong and Macau, and also supplied temporary systems used for efficient construction, inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of buildings, bridges, telecom towers, and other industrial structures.

Jebsen Industrial supports all its BMU customers with professional consultancy, system design, staff training, and ongoing maintenance and spare parts support.


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