With a slitter rewinder solution to complete the latest deployment of the world’s widest BOPP film production line, GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsyssteme GmbH and Jebsen Industrial help CHINA SOFT PACKAGING GROUP fulfill its goal of becoming the global “King of Film.” 

The Challenge: Building the World’s Widest BOPP Line

Biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film is already an essential packaging material in China and around the world. While the industry has grown rapidly in recent years to serve high demand across a range of industry sectors, the market continues to show great potential.

CHINA SOFT PACKAGING GROUP is the nation’s largest BOPP film producer. With a goal of becoming the global "King of Film," the Group is building production capacity across China through a total investment of more than RMB 10 billion.

One of the Group’s companies, Straits West Coast Soft Packaging Science Park, is now taking China’s packaging industry to the next level with the deployment of the world’s widest BOPP production line.

Located in Fujian Province, Straits West Coast Soft Packaging Science Park is creating a one-stop packaging hub to meet the needs of varied industries across the region. BOPP production is a focus of its development, with the company introducing a total of six advanced production lines between 2006 and 2011 in a four-phase project that will see it reach an annual output of 300,000 tons and production revenue of RMB 5 billion.

The latest order includes a newest BOPP line producing 10.4- meter wide film at speeds of 525 meters/minute. Selecting a slitter rewinder supplier able to match this outstanding performance was the Group’s next challenge. 

The Solution: Advanced GOEBEL Technology

After extensive comparative research, CHINA SOFT PACKAGING GROUP selected a new BOPP film slitter rewinder developed and produced by Germany’s GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme. This new technology, brought to China by GOEBEL and its partner Jebsen Industrial, will help Straits West Coast meet demand for innovative products while continuing to enhance its capacity and production efficiency.

The new slitter rewinder GOEBEL monoslit incorporates the latest advancements from GOEBEL, the world leader in BOPP film technology. It provides:

  • the widest working widths, up to 11 meters compared to the usual maximum width of 10.5 meters;
  • the fastest running speed, up to 1500 meters/minute, which is 25% faster than speeds achievable on an 8-meter rewinder line; and 
  • annual output up to 600,000 tons.
“GOEBEL is committed supporting our customers in China to enhance their market competiveness. No other partner has the technology, market experience, and China-wide support to accommodate breakthrough deployments such as the world’s widest BOPP production line,” said Harald Knechtel, Sales Director, GOEBEL.

Technology, Innovation, and Support

CHINA SOFT PACKAGING GROUP chose GOEBEL supported by -Jebsen Industrial solution for three key reasons:

  • Trusted technology: GOEBEL is a world-leading supplier of slitter rewinders, known for advanced technology and maximum reliability. Its high-quality equipment offers the best machine stability in the industry to ensure optimal productivity based on non-stop operation, process automation, high running speed, and minimal maintenance.
  • Innovation leadership: GOEBEL continuously innovates and has the ability to offer customer-tailored solutions. Only GOEBEL was able to provide CHINA SOFT PACKAGING GROUP a slitter rewinder with a maximum film width of 11 meters, along with exceptional finished roll quality and precision.
  • Strong local support: Jebsen Industrial’s reputation and experience in China as well as its excellent ongoing customer service , project management and maintenance support were also crucial.

Ongoing Partnership

“In selecting this new world-leading GOEBEL equipment, CHINA SOFT PACKAGING GROUP is recognizing the technical strength of GOEBEL and revealing its commitment to leading the global BOPP production sector,” said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial. “Through its partnership with GOEBEL and Jebsen Industrial, the Group is now even better placed than ever to support China’s continued economic growth and take advantage of the expected surge in demand for BOPP packaging.”

As the trusted partner of GOEBEL, Jebsen Industrial began working with CHINA SOFT PACKAGING GROUP in 2006. The Group installed its first GOEBEL slitter rewinder system in 2008. Three Group subsidiaries have so far put a total of three GOEBEL slitter-rewinders into production, with six further slitter rewinders due to come on line in the near future. Three of these new slitters are 9-meter wide lines, already deployed for full production in Autumn 2011. The remaining three, including the world’s widest 11-meter capacity line, will be operational in 2012. 

The introduction of the world’s widest BOPP production line, which began in 2010, is phase four of Straits West Coast Soft Packaging Science Park’s four-phase development plan. The company previously deployed BOPP production lines comprising GOEBEL slitter rewinders in both 2009 and 2010. The line that came into operation in 2009 increased capacity by 20%, reduced energy consumption by 15%, and significantly reduced film thickness, compared to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ BOPP line put into operation in 2006 as phase one of the project.

Based in Germany, GOEBEL has been supplying specialised  equipment since 1851 and slitter rewinders for over 160 years. It has worked with Jebsen Industrial in Greater China since 1976.

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