A thrilling new Ocean Park ride could not be opened to the public until Jebsen Industrial helped its partner Demag solve onsite challenges and meet Hong Kong’s specific safety requirements, with the SAR’s largest slewing jib crane.


A thrilling new Ocean Park ride could not be opened to the public until Jebsen Industrial helped its partner Demag solve onsite challenges and meet Hong Kong’s specific safety requirements, with the SAR’s largest slewing jib crane.The Challenge: Ensure Key Safety Feature Meets Hong Kong Standards

Boasting a dramatic setting on Hong Kong Island and a diverse array of marine attractions, thrill rides, and shows, Ocean Park is one of the world’s most visited and best loved amusement parks. Opened more than 30 years ago, it continues to attract more than 5 million guests each year.

In 2010, Ocean Park commissioned three new rides as part of a major redevelopment plan. One of these, The Rapids, takes adventure seekers on an exciting river journey through stunning rainforest.

The developer of the ride, Swedish firm Intiman, created an amazing artificial river that drops a total of 3.2 meters over the course of its 380 metre length. Riders journey along this river aboard nine-seater rafts.


Hong Kong’s Largest Slewing Jib Crane

A crucial component of The Rapids ride design is a pillar-mounted slewing jib crane from world-leading crane manufacturer Demag. Part of the ride’s stringent safety features, it was installed at Ocean Park to facilitate the safe removal of rafts from the river for inspection and repair.

The Demag crane is ideal for this demanding installation. With an 8-metre outreach, it is the largest crane of its type in Hong Kong, where slewing jib cranes of 6-metre outreach and 3-metre height are more usual. The Rapids crane was custom-designed by Demag to Intiman’s specifications: its long outreach is matched by a high hoist capacity of 3.2 tons, a 360 degree slewing range, and 12-metre height. The electric hoist-equipped crane also incorporates Demag’s latest lift-off prevention technology and anti-friction bearings for increased operating reliability.

However, the crane – and therefore The Rapids ride itself – could not be put into operation since Intiman’s original design did not meet Hong Kong’s safety standards. A partner with experience of the local construction industry and specialist expertise in Demag technologies was required to review and redesign the system and implement and check the solution. Jebsen Industrial was the standout choice.

The Solution: Expert Consultation, Design, and Implementation

On behalf of Demag and Intiman, Jebsen Industrial began liaising with Ocean Park in December 2010. After inspecting the site and reviewing The Rapids design plans, Jebsen Industrial’s specialist engineers identified two crucial projects that would need to be completed to ensure The Rapids would meet the stringent safety requirements insisted upon in Hong Kong and by Ocean Park.

1.  Overload protection
The Demag crane at The Rapids ride required an overload protection system to confirm to Hong Kong safety regulations. This system would automatically detect overloading and signal the ride operator.

2.  Interlock system
The Demag crane could not safely lift a raft from The Rapids river under normal operation because the water flows too quickly. An interlock system to connect the crane and the river’s two underwater turbines was therefore required.

Challenging Project Proceeds Smoothly

Jebsen Industrial worked closely with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in Hong Kong to ensure the crane manufacturer had complete and up-to-date information about the technical and industrial safety regulations that applied to the Ocean Park crane installation. It then coordinated the trans-national cooperation necessary to ensure the team of engineering consultants (with representatives from Demag China, Demag Sweden, Ocean Park, Intiman, and Jebsen Industrial) could agree on how to proceed.

Jebsen Industrial received the necessary parts from Demag Sweden in March 2011. Its engineers first installed the new Automatic Safe Load Indicator to provide overload protection.

Interlock System Demands Extra Care

The engineering team then connected the crane to the turbines’ interlock system. This involved Jebsen Industrial fitting two new limit switches on the crane jib. These switches detect the jib moving and automatically send a signal to the computer-controlled underwater turbines that regulate the flow of water in The Rapids river. This turns the turbines off to calm the water in time for the crane to remove the raft when it arrives in position.

The team devoted a week to debugging the solution. The problem was that the raft being removed from the river has to be precisely positioned – and in place at exactly the right time – to allow it to be safely plucked from the water without interfering with the other rafts, of which there could be more than ten also in the water. The team had to painstakingly adjust the timing of the limit switch of the interlock system through trial and error.

By June 2011, Ocean Park had completed the construction of the new rides and all three – including the thrilling Rapids ride – were being enjoyed by visitors.

“This was an extremely complex and challenging project, involving numerous different parties and the very highest safety standards. Jebsen Industrial’s local knowledge and technical expertise were instrumental in changing the design of the Demag crane to meet the needs of Ocean Park. It is a real testament to the quality of the Demag technology that this crane can be employed in such a demanding and dynamic environment,” said Freddie Fung, Regional Services Manager, Jebsen Industrial.


Exceptional Demag Quality

“Hong Kong’s building and construction sector leads the region in setting very high safety standards and expecting a long life for installed equipment. It is therefore no surprise that Demag, the world leader for quality, reliability, and durability, is Hong Kong’s most-trusted name in cranes, with Jebsen Industrial as its long-term partner,” said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial.

Demag was founded in 1819 and has been in the crane business since the 1840s. Its cranes are renowned for their durability. Installed in workshops and manufacturing plants across the region, most Demag cranes have a lifespan of over 30 years, with many still in operation after 50 years – in sharp contrast to equipment from other suppliers, which can last for as little as 10 years only.

Demag and Jebsen Industrial have been working together for more than 30 years.
Jebsen Industrial offers a total solution to building and construction customers, combining design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services on all Demag cranes. Consulting and after-sales support are provided by experts from Jebsen Industrial. These teams offer both many years of local experience and unrivalled knowledge of the Demag products and systems.


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