Supplying and supporting five turnkey LINSINGER systems for China’s newest railway steel production line, Jebsen Industrial is now implementing LINSINGER Technology for the production of all China’s new railway tracks.

Supplying and supporting five turnkey LINSINGER systems for China’s newest railway steel production line, Jebsen Industrial is now implementing LINSINGER Technology for the production of all China’s new railway tracks.


The Challenge: Supporting the Growth of a World-Leading Rail Network for China

Over the past 30 years, China’s rail network has expanded and modernized to be among the world’s best. Steam locomotives have given way to the world’s fastest passenger trains, travelling at 350 km/hour, and the country is now criss-crossed by 86,000 kilometres of rail line, second only in length to the United States.

In 2009 alone, railway investment in China topped US billion and yet the country is planning to commit even more resources to rail in the years to come as it builds a high-speed rail network to cover more than 90% of the population by 2013. This network will provide new impetus for economic growth, allowing passengers, cargo, and investment to flow more easily between regions in the world’s most populous nation.

With decades of experience, Jebsen Industrial has worked alongside the developing rail industry in China using LINSINGER Technology. Today, it counts all of the nation’s railway track developers amongst its clients. Its latest rail partner is Handan Iron & Steel Group.  

New Railway Steel Production Line
Handan Iron & Steel Group, which is part of Hebei Iron & Steel, China’s largest steel enterprise, is a high-quality producer of hot- and cold-rolled steel and steel bars, rods, and plates with an annual output of more than 10 million tons. Founded in 1958, it has spent the past decade upgrading its processes and technologies to enhance productivity, promote energy saving and emissions reduction, and introduce new products.

In recognition of this, the group now joins the four elite state-run steel companies that are able to serve the demanding railway industry in China and worldwide. In 2009, therefore, it began looking for suppliers to help it build the largest new railway steel production line in China.

This new production line has to be capable of producing 1.38 million tons of steel per year, both light and heavy rail for a range of applications -- H-Line rail, heavy rail, I-steel, angle steel, channel steel, steel for iron, and shipping steel. Of the 1.38 million ton total, around 450,000 tons of steel will be used for rail, much of it destined across China.

Such a large and demanding contract naturally attracted the attention of the world’s leading steel mill machinery producers. The challenge for Handan Iron & Steel was to select a partner with the right mix of technology and support on the ground in China, as well as knowledge of the latest international best practices and local market conditions.

The Solution: Turnkey Machinery and Customized Support
After competitive bidding, Handan Iron & Steel selected a turnkey solution from Jebsen Industrial based on five LINSINGER LSB 800-S6 rail sawing and drilling machines. Each of these machines is being tailor-made for Handan Iron & Steel at the Austrian factory of LINSINGER , the world leader in this sector.

Jebsen Industrial provided high level consultancy service to Handan Iron & Steel due to its unrivalled industry experience and technological know-how of LINSINGER .

Throughout the steel group’s year-long market research and assessment period, Jebsen Industrial provided technology and market information, insight into global trends, and machine-specific pricing and customization data. LINSINGER is customizing the Handan Iron & Steel machines, managing installation and training in China, and overseeing commissioning with the support of Jebsen Industrial. During the implementation period, Jebsen Industrial will be responsible for project management to coordinate with other vendors, ensuring that deadlines are met and that testing of the whole production line can proceed smoothly. It will also provide ongoing spare parts and mechanical maintenance services.

Jebsen Industrial in close cooperation with LINSINGER is the market leader in this industry in China, now serving all five iron and steel groups that are active in the rail sector.

“Our promise to Handan Iron & Steel and to our other valued partners in the rail sector, is that Jebsen Industrial will continue to bring the world’s best LINSINGER sawing, drilling, and milling machines to China. We keep ahead of the trends and source and support advanced technologies to help our partners here improve production efficiency, safety, and environmental standards while they enhance product quality and reduce costs,” said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial. “This is going to be even more important in the future as China continues to expand and enhance its rail system.”

The contact with Handan Iron & Steel was signed in early 2010, with the five LINSINGER machines due to be delivered for testing and commissioning in early 2011.

Advanced LINSINGER Technology for Efficient Rail Production
With more than 60 years of experience at the forefront of metalworking technology, LINSINGER is now the leading supplier of rail sawing and drilling machines in China and around the world. Its machines are robust and very stable, providing high performance with minimal vibration.

The LINSINGER LSB800-S6 selected by Handan Iron & Steel is used for the simultaneous cutting of rails to a desired length and the drilling of fixing holes through the rails. With six drilling spindles, it has a typical cycle time for one cut and six holes of 30 seconds. In the configuration designed for Handan Iron & Steel, it also includes a pass line for transporting steel off-cuts to the recycling area.

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