Jebsen Industrial steps up to help China’s market leader increase the productivity of its ham packing line, with a fast and flexible customized thermoforming packaging machine.

Jebsen Industrial steps up to help China’s market leader increase the productivity of its ham packing line, with a fast and flexible customized thermoforming packaging machine.
The Challenge: Winning a Bigger Slice of the Ham Market

China is the world’s largest meat producer and consumer, but processed meats only account for a little over 10 per cent of total consumption, compared to 50 per cent in mature overseas markets. The potential for high-quality processed meats is thus very high. To unleash this demand, manufacturers need to differentiate their products, rising above the homogenous offerings that dominate the domestic market and using high-quality packaging to grab consumers’ attention and offer greater convenience.

Huatong Group is a leader of China’s new generation of meat processing companies. Founded in 2001 in Yiwu City, it prepares fresh pork and poultry as well as producing 1.6 million legs of ham per year in both traditional Italian and Chinese styles. As one of the nation’s largest producers of hams and fermented meats, the Group has the scale to foster a large supply of high-quality hogs and to invest in advanced processing and packaging technologies.

Holding several quality certifications and committed to innovation and technological advancement, Huatong Group has won a number of awards for its business achievements and product quality. One of the hallmarks of its success is that it is always looking for new ways of improving its products and raising productivity.

Jebsen Industrial presented Huatong Group with one such opportunity when it introduced it to an advanced thermoforming technology from Italy’s global innovator Colimatic. A key supplier to the food and beverage industry in China over many decades, with a huge range of processing and packaging equipment and specialist ingredients, Jebsen Industrial has introduced many breakthroughs to the nation’s manufacturers.

The Solution: Fast and Flexible Packaging Line

Experts from Jebsen Industrial suggested that Huatong Group replace its traditional vacuum chamber packaging machine to increase productivity, reduce costs, and deliver higher-quality packaging. In the vacuum chamber system, operators placed ham into pre-formed bags and positioned them on the machine for vacuum sealing and cutting. The process was slow and labour intensive, adding cost, while the old machine also brought an unacceptably high maintenance expense.

The solution proposed by Jebsen Industrial involved a high-speed Colimatic Thera 450 thermoforming machine with three moulds. Customised for Huatong Group, these moulds allow it to produce packaged products in three different dimensions from the one automated machine: 133mmX230mm, 100x230mm, or 100X115mm trays are manually filled and automatically sealed and cut. Colimatic-designed hinged chambers uniquely allow for fast and safe mould exchange by a single operator.

Following extensive technical discussions between Huatong Group and Jebsen Industrial, the customized Colimatic Thera 450 was produced in Italy and installed in the Group’s Yiwu City factory within three months. In addition to liaising with Colimatic to facilitate customisation of the Huatong Group machine and its subsequent speedy implementation, Jebsen Industrial also held a training workshop for Huatong Group staff. Going forward, Jebsen Industrial is providing 24/7 assistance and technical support to ensure the Colimatic machine always functions at its very best.

“Jebsen Industrial has a wealth of experience in demanding F&B and pharmaceutical packaging. In the sector, the highest standards of quality, safety, and hygiene are required. New product development is a continuous effort, and operational improvement to increase output and reduce costs is critical,” said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial. “We have the relationships, experience, and skills to match manufacturers with the technologies and processes that will best boost their business.”

High-Quality Equipment and Local Support

Jebsen Industrial and Colimatic have a lot of experience collaborating with food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Greater China to design and customise advanced packaging solutions for diverse production environments. This local knowledge was important to Huatong Group, which wanted a flexible machine of the highest quality and on-going local support.

Colimatic’s international reputation as a quality leader and innovator also provided an assurance of the advanced performance and exceptional reliability that can be expected from the Thera 450. It not only offers uniquely fast and easy mould changeover but also fast performance. The Thera 450 is 15 per cent faster than other imported thermoforming machines, and three to four times faster than local machines.

With these high speeds and a compact and robust body, the Thera 450 is a cost-effective machine capable of maximizing packaging runs and minimizing film waste. Its touch-screen control panel allows simple management of all the machine's parameters and is housed in a stainless steel case certified to IP65 to allow safe washing and operation in sterile environments. The machine incorporates the patented and precise Colimatic cutting system and can also be fitted with the company’s unique gas jet system for dosing and loading of CO2 tablets to extend product shelf-life.


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