When China’s leading dairy group needed high-speed packing technology to complement its new automated high-speed yogurt line, it selected a Cama sleeving machine from Jebsen Industrial. The challenge was to install this system – a first for China – on a  tight schedule.

When China’s leading dairy group needed high-speed packing technology to complement its new automated high-speed yogurt line, it selected a Cama sleeving machine from Jebsen Industrial.

The Challenge: Adopt World-leading Packaging Technology

China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited manufactures and distributes a full range of quality dairy products in China. Founded in Mongolia in 1999, it now has more than 30,000 employees and 20 manufacturing facilities in 16 provinces and produces more than 6.5 million metric tons of dairy products each year.

According to government statistics, Mengniu has held the top spot in the China dairy market in terms of annual sales and revenue since 2003, and also topped the domestic market for liquid milk and yogurt. It was the only dairy enterprise to make the Forbes “Asia’s Fab 50 Companies 2010” list, also ranking 20th on WPP’s “Top 50 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2010.”

With a vision of becoming one of the world’s top 10 dairy companies, Mengniu is now entering a new development phase. The group is building modern facilities and automating existing factories by investing in the world’s best production and packaging lines.

First Automatic Sleeving Machine from Cama

China’s Most Advanced Yogurt Line

In Qingyuan, in Guangdong Province, Mengniu has built a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex that will become the largest dairy products producer in South China. It will primarily produce low-temperature yogurt in several different styles and flavours.

The factory is equipped with an automatic high-speed aseptic production line that can produce 200 tons of yogurt per day. This is the most advanced production line of its type in China. Fully automated, all operations – from the pre-treatment of the raw milk to the final filling and packaging – are managed by the central control system, and the entire production process is in a sterile sealed environment.

A key product of the new production line is a popular range of Mengniu-brand yogurt, packaged in cups. To match the high speed of the filling machine on this state-of-the-art production line, Mengniu needed an advanced sleeving machine to complete the packing process and box the yogurt cups for transportation.

First Automatic Sleeving Machine from Cama

Mengniu selected a Cama MP136 sleeving machine from its long-term machinery and ingredients partner, Jebsen Industrial. It was installed in the Qingyuan factory in February 2011.

The Cama MP136 is an electronic cardboard sleeving machine capable of packing cups, bottles, tins, and other containers from single and/or double lanes in up to three product layers. These machines are suitable for complete carton folding sleeves with product neck in or out, using hot-melt gluing for pack closure.

On the Qingyuan production line, the Cama sleeving machine is used to pack yogurt cups in single or double layers with a 2x2 or 2x3 square-top configuration and at speeds of 720 cups per minute.

Made in Italy, the Cama machines are the result of 30 years of experience in the design and engineering of high-technology secondary packaging systems. They stand out for their technological innovation and high added value.

“The Cama sleeving system from Jebsen Industrial offers fully electronic machine controls, high production speed, and low maintenance. It also fits our design requirements with a compact footprint and easy access to the working area and machine parts,” Mengniu explained. “The challenge for us was that we needed the new machines installed in Qingyuan on a tight schedule. What’s more, not only was our factory not designed to accommodate the new machines, but this would be their first installation in China local factory.”

The Solution: Coordination by Jebsen Industrial

Given the challenge, it was crucial that Cama, the Italian developer of the sleeving machine, and Mengniu work closely together. Jebsen Industrial – as a long-term partner of both firms – was able to coordinate the project and overcome issues arising from the two partners’ radically different business environments, languages, and time zones.

Taking a coordination role, Jebsen Industrial drew on its decades of experience of global packing technologies and local manufacturing conditions in China to suggest ways Cama and Mengniu could streamline the installation process. It also provided onsite engineering support to solve installation problems as they arose.

The sleeving machines were ordered from Cama in October 2010. The first machine was successfully installed on time at Mengniu’s Qingyuan factory in February 2011.

Long Experience Pays Off for Partners

“One of the advantages of working with Jebsen Industrial is that we are able to offer a short delivery period due to our long experience, close relationships with leading suppliers such as Cama, and efficient logistics systems. Cama‘s technology is also second-to-none, while its engineering expertise guarantees a high-quality system at reasonable cost,” said, Manager of Packaging Solution Department, Jebsen Industrial.

Jebsen Industrial has been a trusted partner of the F&B and pharmaceutical sectors in Greater China for many decades. It provides consultation services and offers access to some the world’s finest processing and packaging equipment, as well as high-quality specialist ingredients from around the world. It has worked with  Cama to support manufacturers in Greater China since 2005.

“F&B processing demands exceptional attention to detail to achieve high standards of quality, safety, hygiene, and environmental responsibility. It also increasingly requires a focus on operational improvement to increase margins as manpower and materials costs rise in China,” commented said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial.

“It is very satisfying to bring together two leaders like Camaand Mengniu. Both Cama and Jebsen Industrial are committed to working with Mengniu to provide the advanced technology and expertise it needs to develop into a world-leading dairy products company.”

The Jebsen Industrial-led Cama MP136 project represented the first installation of a high speed automatic sleeving machine by Mengniu and the first time this local leader had cooperated with a foreign packing equipment provider. On Cama’s part, it was the first sleeving machine to be supplied for a local company in China and also the first dairy industry application of its sleeving technology in the region.


Rapid Installation for Rapid ROI

With the new Cama sleeving machine installed in Qingyuan, Mengniu has enhanced productivity on its packing line by 100% -- achieving a regular speed of 720 cups per minute, while freeing five persons from the packing line.

Furthermore, the experience gained via the Qingyuan installation will help Mengniu and its partners Cama and Jebsen Industrial to rapidly roll out packaging machines to support factory automation in facilities across China.

“With this packaging machine in place, we have created the leading yogurt production line in China.  Our plan is to gradually replace all of our existing machinery and manual packaging lines with advanced automated systems,” Mengniu said.

The Mengniu factory in Ma’an shan, Anhui Province, has also invested in the high-speed low-temperature liquid dairy production lines already deployed in Qingyuan. It has already successfully installed two Cama MP136 sleeving machines: one in May 2011 and the other in August 2011.


About Cama

Cama designs and produces complete high-technology secondary packaging systems and machinery for both food and non-food processing. It has extensive packaging experience, a unique range of packaging machines, and a robotics division, providing the capability to design and supply a complete packaging line.

From its base in Italy, the Cama Group has been developing industry-leading solutions since 1981. It has been active in Greater China through its partner Jebsen Industrial since 2005. Its machines are highly valued in China for their flexibility, reliability, and high productivity.


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