Promising technical leadership and trust-based partnership, Jebsen Industrial and Bellmer introduce an advanced shoe press to China to help Anhui Shanying Paper gain cost and quality advantages.

The Challenge: Improving Efficiency in Paper Making

In China, where paper was invented many hundreds of years ago, demand for paper and paperboard continues to grow. Total production was more than 86 million tons in 2009, up 8.27% over the previous year, and yet domestic consumption remains relatively low, at 64kg per capita compared with about 300kg per capita in the US. While the potential of the industry is therefore great, competition is fierce. There are around 3,700 paper production plants in China, many of which are now using modern equipment and processes to enhance productivity.

Among those leading the drive to improve the industry is Anhui Shanying Paper. It is one of the largest state-owned papermaking companies in China, ranked 11th in the industry according to a 2009 report in China Pulp & Paper International. Once relying on standard manufacturing equipment to produce its kraft liner board, white coated board, and corrugated paper products, it is now seeking to gain cost and quality advantages by deploying the best the international papermaking equipment industry can offer.

In 2009, Anhui Shanying Paper was in the midst of large-scale press section rebuilds on two of its paper machines. It was keen to deploy shoe press technology to increase dewatering of the web prior to its entering the drying section. The firm thus began exploring technologies from all the major global suppliers.

For Anhui Shanying Paper, the shoe press solution needed to provide advanced technology and offer a long-term partnership based on trust and understanding.

“Higher costs and tighter margins are compelling paper mills in China to achieve greater efficiency. New technologies and processes can help them improve output and quality while lowering costs, but it is essential that they select the most suitable solutions for their environment, whether these are individual components or complete production lines,” said Lorenz Zimmermann, Director, Jebsen Industrial. “With decades of experience as a supplier to the papermaking industry across Greater China, Jebsen Industrial has the relationships, experience, and skills to match paper mills with the equipment supplier that can best meet their needs.”

  Promising technical leadership and trust-based partnership, Jebsen Industrial and Bellmer introduce an advanced shoe press to China to help Anhui Shanying Paper gain cost and quality advantages.  

The Solution: New Technology from a New Partner

Anhui Shanying Paper selected China’s first Bellmer TwinningPress™ unit to upgrade its paper machines in order to increase productivity and product quality and reduce electricity consumption. The support and knowhow of Bellmer and its China partner Jebsen Industrial was crucial to the decision.

Trusted Partners

Over a six-month period, Jebsen Industrial assisted Anhui Shanying Paper with information and case studies, and conducted an onsite technology evaluation to help Bellmer create a customized solution for the paper mill. It also arranged for Bellmer’s President to come from Germany to meet with his counterparts at Anhui Shanying Paper.

As the conduit between both parties, Jebsen Industrial demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the papermaking industry in China and the global papermaking equipment sector, and also showed that it understood Anhui Shanying Paper’s unique needs.

As a result, Bellmer will design and build two customized TwinningPress units for Anhui Shanying Paper. These units will be individually delivered to China from Germany for installation in August & September of 2010 respectively. Working with Jebsen Industrial, Bellmer will also provide training, erection supervision, and commissioning support to Anhui Shanying Paper. 

Promising technical leadership and trust-based partnership, Jebsen Industrial and Bellmer introduce an advanced shoe press to China to help Anhui Shanying Paper gain cost and quality advantages.

Proven Technology

The two Bellmer TwinningPress units installed at Anhui Shanying Paper will allow the company to increase the output of its existing paper machines. The quality of its kraft line and testliner paper will also improve, thanks to the gentle pressure build-up in the new shoe press, and overall production time should be reduced.

The Bellmer TwinningPress ensures that the paper contains less moisture when it enters the drying section, reducing electricity consumption and drying time. Web dryness at the press section should increase by at least 4%, with a subsequent increase in the drying rate at the drying section by 8% or above.

The Bellmer TwinningPress units supplied to Anhui Shanying Paper make use of new counter roll technology, including hydrostatic components which make them especially suitable for wide and fast paper machines. Linear pressures up to 1,250 N/mm have become the norm thanks to this technology, increasing the dewatering capacity of the web to also speed up the paper machine.

Furthermore, this advanced high-performance technology is available to Anhui Shanying Paper from Bellmer at a more competitive price than other top paper production equipment suppliers could offer.

Global Leader

“As an industry expert, Jebsen Industrial considered this an ideal time to bring Anhui Shanying Paper and Bellmer together. We expect to see substantial productivity increases as a result of the Bellmer technology deployment at Anhui Shanying Paper and believe this successful project will help open the door to China for the Bellmer TwinningPress,” said Mr. Zimmermann.

Bellmer is a global market leader in belt and screw press technology for the paper industry. Based in Germany, the family-run firm has been operating in the pulp and paper industry since 1842. Today, it is known worldwide as an innovator, a high-quality manufacturer, and trusted partner. Bellmer has worked with Jebsen Industrial in China since 2003. More than 4,000 installations worldwide and 80 machines in China testify to the efficiency of Bellmer.


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