Jebsen Industrial puts ARRI in the spotlight at China’s National Theatre

Drawing on five decades of experience as a pioneer supplier to the theatre, film, and broadcast industry in China and Hong Kong, Jebsen Industrial helped usher in a new era in lighting at the home of China’s performing arts.

The Challenge: Lighting China’s Prestigious National Theatre
China’s National Centre for the Performing Arts is a spectacular and futuristic building designed to host the world’s greatest artists as the modern face of China’s arts scene.

After 10 years of planning and construction, the theatre opened in 2007 to international acclaim. A titanium-accented glass dome that rises from the centre of a specially created lake near Tian'anmen Square in old Beijing, it houses a 2,398-seat Opera House, a 2,019-seat Music Hall, and a 1,040-seat Theatre Hall.

In this most prestigious of locations, the very highest standard of theatre lighting is a must.

The Solution: Sparking Debate about New Technology

Jebsen Industrial was uniquely positioned to help ensure the National Theatre made optimal use of the best lighting solutions available.

A pioneering supplier to the film, theatre, and broadcast industry in Hong Kong and China, Jebsen Industrial combines intimate knowledge of the latest international lighting technologies and unrivalled understanding of China’s theatre scene. It has been the trusted Greater China partner of global industry leader ARRI since 1960.

Early in 2004, with construction on the National Centre underway, Jebsen Industrial helped ARRI host a seminar in Beijing. Bringing together key industry figures, this groundbreaking event reinvigorated China’s approach to theatre lighting.

Attended by Max Keller, an internationally renowned stage lighting designer, Prof Feng Dezong of Professor of Central Theatre Academy, Yan Changqing, senior engineer who was responsible for lighting the National Theatre’s performance venues, and other famous stage lighting designers from across China, the seminar introduced the latest innovations in theatre lighting.

“The seminar sparked a great deal of discussion about the use of daylight lighting to create a completely different effect to the ‘indoor’ tungsten lighting commonly used in Chinese theatre. This breakthrough in theatre lighting, introduced by ARRI, had already greatly influenced creative lighting design in Europe and the US. Bringing it to China would open up new possibilities for the staging of productions here,” said Mr Lorenz Zimmermann, Director of Jebsen Industrial.

International Breakthrough, with Local Support

ARRI is acknowledged worldwide as the premier theatre lighting innovator, with designs that push the boundaries of high-quality lighting equipment. It provides Fresnel fixtures free from spill light and resistant to high temperatures; daylight lighting that delivers the advantages of the full daylight colour spectrum from a continuous soft lighting source; and tungsten lighting that is the choice wherever the highest light output is required.

Jebsen Industrial puts ARRI in the spotlight at China’s National Theatre
Jebsen Industrial puts ARRI in the spotlight at China’s National Theatre
Jebsen Industrial puts ARRI in the spotlight at China’s National Theatre
Jebsen Industrial puts ARRI in the spotlight at China’s National Theatre
Jebsen Industrial puts ARRI in the spotlight at China’s National Theatre

ARRI theatre lighting now in use at the National Centre for the Performing Arts includes ARRI Daylight Compact 6000 and ARRI Compact 12000 Fresnel spotlights, with Digital Multiplex (DMX)-compliant control of ARRI flicker-free electronic ballasts, electronic shutters, and supporting yokes.

These solutions allow lighting designers to bring the simplicity and elegance of natural outdoor lighting to the National Theatre stage.


With ongoing technical consultancy and training and support services from Jebsen Industrial, they will continue to delight international and local art patrons in Beijing for many years to come.


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February 2010

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