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Jebsen Industrial Distribution & Services has come a long way from the trade and distribution roots. We have transformed ourselves into a brand builder for our partners and a professional service provider to the many industry sectors that we serve, as well as a strategic partner of different business models. CONTACT US now for possible business cooperation.


  Bring your Brands to the Greater China 
If you are seeking to strategically enter and develop the China market, Jebsen Industrial Distribution & Services is here to serve you as an effective agent or distributor. We enable your immediate access to a far-reaching web of distribution channels, a sound logistics network and an established administrative backbone that fully supports the human resource, finance and IT functions.

Synergise our efforts via Joint Venture
Keen on realising product localisation of your niche technology and moving closer to the customers? The joint venture model, in Jebsen Industrial’s experience, is the best approach for hidden champions – potential partners who face a high level of uncertainty about entering a new market alone, and who need to demonstrate immediate returns for their investment and see tangible benefits to serving customers at a local and intimate level. By leveraging its industrial know-how, local government and business relationships, R&D strength and profound business insights on both domestic and overseas markets, Jebsen Industrial is able to complement your technical expertise and advanced solutions. 


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Expand the market together via New Product Development 
At Jebsen Industrial Distribution & Services, developing new business models to create value for our customers by leveraging our existing capabilities and market experience is always our concern.  By combining your technologies and our market know-how, distribution network, strong customer base and experience, it is possible to create a new opportunity to access to a new market.


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  Enable optimised logistics through Supply Chain Hub
Through effective logistics and supply chain optimisation, Jebsen Industrial Distribution & Services delivers more than just products – it delivers cost-efficiency.  Our supply chain processes are aligned for greater customer satisfaction and reduced logistics expenses through network optimisation, third-part logistics integration and customs clearance, among others. Our logistics hub in Shanghai facilitates speedier door-to-door distribution of products so that customers can enjoy fully localised service, including local language consultancy, ongoing support from experts residing in China and flexible payment terms in the local currency. 




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