An essential supporting role

If a camera and lenses are the leads in the production of a film, accessories play a supporting but equally critical role. Having the right gear, from audio recorders to lighting equipment and rigs, will ensure that the filmmaking experience is more effective and productive—and that filmmakers achieve their creative vision. Jebsen Industrial has an extensive portfolio of film production accessories sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. Together with cameras and lenses for the shooting phase, and equipment for post-production, Jebsen Industrial serves China’s media and film industry with complete end-to-end solutions. 

Fluid Head - Cine 75 HD Fluid Head
  • Fluid head for classic and HD cameras
  • Patented damping system for perfect counterbalance in 24 steps
  • Payload of 4kg–75kg; huge range of accessories
Fluid Head - Studio 9+9 Fluid Head
  • Fluid head with patented damping system for perfect counterbalance in 18 steps
  • Sliding plate for fast and easy centring of camera weight
  • Payload of 8kg to 55kg
Tripod - DA 150 ML Tripod
  • Medium-long dural aluminium tripod
  • 138cm fully extended; payload of 90kg; weighs 4.7kg
  • 150mm fitting film and TV cameras