The accessories and tools vital to the everyday needs of professionals in film and TV production, such as flange depth controllers, cages, adapting plates, Dutch heads and more, are an integral part of JCineCast’s complete industry solutions. 

Bright Tangerine Prodigy Rain Deflector


  • No moving parts means less maintenance
  • Deflects rain, snow & debris
  • 100% Coverage – Zero Dead Spots
  • No condensation due to heat
  • Clip on or rod mount
  • Compressor can be placed up to 500mm (19.5″) away
  • Lightweight & Travel Friendly
The product will be available by the end of 2019. Stay tuned.


  • Analogue positioning: free float, low maintenance, thermal safe 
  • Test range flange focal length: 1.5mm 
  • Reading accuracy scale ring < 10μm (smallest division) 
  • Interchangeable lens mount and reticle 
  • Short flange focal length 9mm 
  • Free aperture mount Ø87mm 
Denz Denzhead
  • Choice of 3 different gearings
  • Robust, lightweight design, using aerospace technology materials
  • Hard-Coat surface treated aluminum with Teflon impregnation


Denz FDC Multi
  • Precise measuring instrument for direct measurement of PL-mount cameras 
  • Used by leading camera manufacturers to calibrate their cameras before delivery 
  • Powered by main adapter for stationary use • Supports DC 3V battery for mobile use 


Walimex Aptaris Universal XXL Action Set Advanced
  • Cage and Rig in one system
  • Height adjustable Aptaris Universal XL Cage system with XXL Adpater
  • Suitable for most DSLRs
Walimex Aptaris Universal XL Performance Set
  • Complete Rig-Set for cameras like GH4, Sony A7, Canon 5D and many more
  • Height adjustable Cage including extensive accessories
  • Full flexibility for any type of use
Walimex Aptaris Universal XL Action Set
  • Cage and Rig in one system
  • Height adjustable Aptaris Universal XL Cage system
  • Suitable for most DSLRs
Walimex Pro GoPro Cage
  • Innovative Cage set for GoPro Hero 2/3/3+/4
  • GoPro insert for using GoPro ports in combination with the Cage system
  • Versatile and flexible handle including L-angle and hot shoe adapter
Nagra VI

  • 8 discreet audio channels (4 Mic + 2 Line + 2 Mix)
  • 16/24 bit, 192 kHz AD / DA
  • User programmable Pre-recording buffer
  • Post-production compatible (BWF files) full iXML metadata
  • Large sunlight-readable color TFT display
  • SMPTE / EBU Time Code with chase synchronizer
  • USB 2.0 communication
  • Internal 2.5” Hard drive disk and removable Compact Flash
  • Lightweight and battery operated
  • Built-in matrix and two M/S decoders
  • Internal loudspeaker and twin headphone outputs