Transvideo CineMultiTrack

The Cine Multitrack is an innovative tool that provides instantaneous, precise and accurate measurements to the operator. This includes information on up to three targets, adjustable transitions, communications with LCS, CineTape interface for in front of the camera measuring and more. It supports assignable RS232 outputs and setups for long distance measurements. Automatic LCS tracking can also be activated and deactivated as needed.

  • No interference with other equipment such as Lens Control Systems, Wifi equipment, video transmission systems, etc
  • Capable of tracking up to 3 Tags
  • Compatible with CineTape (input/output)
  • Compatible with lens control systems
  • Wireless data transmission of measurements to Transvideo equipment
  • High refresh rates and smooth transitions for lens motors
  • Long lasting Lipo batteries, USB rechargeable
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