An essential supporting role

If a camera and lenses are the leads in the production of a film, accessories play a supporting but equally critical role. Having the right gear, from audio recorders to lighting equipment and rigs, will ensure that the filmmaking experience is more effective and productive—and that filmmakers achieve their creative vision. Jebsen Industrial has an extensive portfolio of film production accessories sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. Together with cameras and lenses for the shooting phase, and equipment for post-production, Jebsen Industrial serves China’s media and film industry with complete end-to-end solutions. 

  • 75W Omni-Color LED 
  • 1,650K – 8,000K Color Temperature 
  • 400-750W incandescent equivalent 
Hive WASP 250 Plasma Par
  • 276 total system watts
  • Daylight (4,600K to 6,500K) (plus moonlight VFX)
  • 30,000-hour bulb life
Hive BEE 50-C
  • 40W Omni-Color LED
  • 1,650K – 8,000K Color Temperature
  • 200-300W incandescent equivalent
  • Only weights 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
Hive HORNET 200-C
  • 150W Omni-Colour LED
  • 1,650K – 8,000K Colour Temperature
  • 700-1000W incandescent equivalent
  • 2.5X brighter than the original WASP 100-C
Lowel Prime Location Pro
  • Prime Location LED complete (daylight or tungsten model with V-lock or Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Plate)
  • Barndoor Softening Set (PL-120)
  • Uni SR Stand (UN-66)
Lowel Pro LED
  • Powerful location LED in high quality Daylight or Tungsten
  • Dimmable without colour shift
  • Fresnel output focuses wide and smooth, or tight and punchy
Litepanels Sola 6C


  • High quality 6” Fresnel lens for full spectrum, soft, directional illumination 
  • Litepanels proprietary heat-free LED technology 
  • Integrated DMX module for both remote dimming and remote focusing


Koto lamps
  • 60 years of research and development
  • Three times brighter than tungsten-halogen
  • Optimal performance and life
Litepanels Astra 1x1


  • High performance LEDs with custom paired optics 
  • Full spectrum quality soft light with visually accurate colour temperature 
  • Wide variety of LED fixtures available


Cotech lighting
  • Developed and refined for over 15 years
  • Optimal performance and longevity
  • Made of high-grade polymeric base material