In the filmmaking universe, lenses are one of the most important precision parts of the equipment setup. Any imperfections in the optical design, coating, ring and assembly process will affect not only the filmed image quality but the longevity of the lenses. This is why Jebsen Industrial C&B Service Centre supports leasing companies, production companies, film crew, academic institutions and the wider industry with manufacturer-grade lens repair and maintenance services. 


JCineCare specialises in Lens Repair and Maintenance Services for:
  • Angenieux lenses: DP, Optimo Style, Optimo and more lens series
  • Cooke lenses: S4/i, 5/i, Anamorphic/i, Zoom series
  • Schneider CX-III and Xenon FF-Prime lenses
  • Zeiss lenses: UP, MP, MA, CP, CP2 and CZ
  • Other lens brands on a case-by-case assessment Service speed guarantee


Clear and standardised service workflow

JCineCare Service Centre operates on a clear, standardised workflow from the receipt of the service request, repair/maintenance work and quality inspection, and finally to delivery. The well-defined processes begin with the pre-examination of the lens or equipment and the preparation of a service fee quote. Once this is accepted by the customer, repair/maintenance and quality inspections are conducted based on the service speed agreement. Upon completion, the customer is requested to verify that the lens or equipment is in working order before payment is made and invoices are issued.


Contact us

The Jebsen Industrial customer service team is always standing by to answer your queries and attend to your needs.


For fast and efficient after-sales service, reach out to us via the following channels:


  • Email jcinecast@jebsen.com
  • Call +86 400 9696 223 (Mainland China) or +852 2923 2350 (HK China)





Manufacturer-grade technical expertise

All Jebsen Industrial service technicians are fully qualified, certified and regularly trained by original manufacturers to provide the highest level of service.


Manufacturer-grade facilities

The centre is fully equipped with imported facilities that are on par with manufacturers’ factories, including automatic calibrators, state-of-the-art projectors and ultra-clean working benches.


Service speed guarantee

The JCineCare Service Centre is committed to completing every service request within the agreed timeframe. Complimentary onsite examination services are also available.


Service quality guarantee

The centre issues official repair and maintenance reports that come with a six-month warranty on replaced spare parts.


Needs-based pricing policy

The centre offers competitive hourly charges as well as customised service packages to meet the specific needs of each customer.