JCineCare has developed numerous technical training programmes to share its experience and technical expertise in filmmaking. All training modules, from basic to advanced courses and hands-on training and workshops, are conducted by professional instructors using approved course material and advanced equipment and facilities.


JCineCare's Technical Training Programmes include:

  • Regular Lens Maintenance Training
    This is conducted in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other cities. The syllabus covers lens cleaning, lens exterior cleaning, focus testing, distance and BFD calibration.

  • Camera Operation Training
    For camera operators, JCineCare Service Centre offers comprehensive training programmes that cover filmmaking knowledge, the use and maintenance of equipment, on-set safety, lens care and maintenance.

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For more information or to register in such training programme, please contact us via our Online Enquiry Form or directly call +86 400 9696 223 (China) or +852 2923 2350 (HK)


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For further enquiries regarding our JCineCare Service Centre, please reach out to us via the following channels:


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  • Call +86 400 9696 223 (China) or +852 2923 2350 (HK)





Manufacturer-grade technical expertise

All Jebsen Industrial service technicians are fully qualified, certified and regularly trained by original manufacturers to provide the highest level of service.


Manufacturer-grade facilities

The centre is fully equipped with imported facilities that are on par with manufacturers’ factories, including automatic calibrators, state-of-the-art projectors and ultra-clean working benches.


Service speed guarantee

The JCineCare Service Centre is committed to completing every service request within the agreed timeframe. Complimentary onsite examination services are also available.


Service quality guarantee

The centre issues official repair and maintenance reports that come with a six-month warranty on replaced spare parts.


Needs-based pricing policy

The centre offers competitive hourly charges as well as customised service packages to meet the specific needs of each customer.