An essential supporting role

If a camera and lenses are the leads in the production of a film, accessories play a supporting but equally critical role. Having the right gear, from audio recorders to lighting equipment and rigs, will ensure that the filmmaking experience is more effective and productive—and that filmmakers achieve their creative vision. Jebsen Industrial has an extensive portfolio of film production accessories sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. Together with cameras and lenses for the shooting phase, and equipment for post-production, Jebsen Industrial serves China’s media and film industry with complete end-to-end solutions. 

MRMC Bolt High Speed CineBot
  • Bolt CineBot is the fastest high speed camera robot 
  • Interfacing to camera, external triggers, model movers & turntables for extreme precision timing  
  • Control DMX lighting
MRMC Motion Base Controller
  • 6-degree of movement freedom 
  • Hand controlled “Maquette” 
  • Support full-size rig to mimic the motion
MRMC Bolt Jr.
  • Small, light high-speed robotic arm 
  • Only 110kg weight (under half weight of the Bolt) 
  • Camera payload up to 12kg