Cranes, tracks and dollies make on-set work easier and eliminates the need for bothersome cables. They increase mobility and collaboration, allowing crew members to work together more effectively, as well as improve responsiveness — connecting crew to the information they need when they need it.


Servicevision Scorpio 30’+7’ Telescopic Crane
  • Maximum length is 9m/30’ /  11m/37’
  • Minimum length is 2.25m/8’
  • The arm has the back length of 2.25m/8’
Servicevision Scorpio 45’ Telescopic Crane
  • Maximum length is 14m/45’11”
  • Minimum length is 2.41m/7’10”
  • Telescopic range covers 11.4m/37’4”
Servicevision Scorpio 10’ Telescopic Crane
  • Maximum length is 3.14m/10’4”
  • Minimum length is 0.84m/2’9”
  • The arm has the back length of1.28m/4’2”
MRMC Bolt High Speed CineBot
  • Bolt CineBot is the fastest high speed camera robot 
  • Interfacing to camera, external triggers, model movers & turntables for extreme precision timing  
  • Control DMX lighting
MRMC Motion Base Controller
  • 6-degree of movement freedom 
  • Hand controlled “Maquette” 
  • Support full-size rig to mimic the motion
MRMC Bolt Jr.
  • Small, light high-speed robotic arm 
  • Only 110kg weight (under half weight of the Bolt) 
  • Camera payload up to 12kg
Panther Precision Mono Track
  • Up to 5.5m (18’) length for quick and fast track leveling 
  • Can be used without track sleepers – optional various track sleepers are available 
  • Compatible to Precision Leveling Track and telescopic tubes
Panther ISO Dampener
  • Absorb horizontal vibration 
  • Dampening adjustment 
  • Payload 90 kg (200lbs)
Panther Foxy Pro Air Crane
  • Simple transport 
  • Insensitive to wind 
  • Lightweight 
Panther Cranked Bazooka
  • Payload 150kg (330lbs) 
  • 2 sizes: 17-24.5” & 24.5-39” 
  • 2 lift range: 7.5” & 15”
Panther Twister Dolly
  • Realises a central camera position on eye level 
  • Extremely low starting position
  • Innovative three-column system
Panther Classic Plus
  • Rugged, almost maintenance free and sturdy design
  • Easy operation, unconstrained versatility
  • Tool-less switchover
Panther Boogie wheels
  • 8 x 3 skateboard wheels (24 in total)
  • Articulated wheels combined with swivelling tray
  • Offset position of skateboard wheels
Panther Precision Levelling Track
  • Levelling possibilities from 0cm up to 67cm/26.4“
  • Three-step levelling without any tools
  • Telescopic tubes with payload of 850kg/1874lbs each
Panther Foxy Crane Pro
  • Payload increase of 10% compared to Foxy Advanced
  • Higher load capacity of 21% compared to competing products
  • Two steering modes—front and four-wheel
Panther U-Bangi
  • Supports four different ways of camera mounting
  • Adapts well to individual needs and requirements
  • Range is easily adjusted
Panther Maximus 7
  • Compact, lightweight and weather-proof • Levelling head not required
  • Quick system mounting for all rigs—Mitechell mount included
  • Wide payload inertia range


Panther GALAXY Crane
  • Leading film-industry crane system
  • High rigs up to 18.1 m; V-trapezoid bracing with 4-side stability
  • Safety, long-life, and easy, comfortable handling
Panther Trister Dolly
  • Low dynamic friction produces low operating noise
  • Foldable push bar with six different positions
  • Combination of studio wheels and track wheels
Panther S-Type Dolly
  • Powered by electro-mechanical drive system
  • Patented scissors-arm with low and super-low mode
  • Detachable arm & steering rod