The Dutti Dolly

The Dutti Dolly is a simple but elegant design that is expanding the versatility of the common dolly shot. Born on-set, it has evolved directly from the demands of cinematographers to either get low or move in tight spaces without sacrificing stability.


Despite its small size, Dutti Dolly remains irreplaceably stable and adaptable for hard whip pans and quick tilts, thus used on hundreds of smaller or traveling productions. It can be mounted on any smooth surfaces, over or underslung. The compact footprint is easy to set-up and transport, yet large and durable enough for standing or sitting applications. The design has been refined with a sturdy rectangular CNC’d aluminum platform and a built-in Mitchell mount, perfect for dolly step offs using handheld, steady-cam or gimbal systems.

  • Less than 2” riding height for extreme low angles
  • Fits in tight spaces
  • Compatible with common hardware store track options (round, square, angle, PVC)
  • No track required on smooth surface