A tripod is a tool that keeps cameras steady, which is particularly important in challenging light conditions. Tripods also have the ability to increase the sharpness and depth of field and allow filmmakers to shoot at difficult or impossible (hand-held) angles.

On the other hand, Fluid Heads enable filmmakers to align cameras into the desired position with ease, accuracy and precision. They are designed to allow fluid movement through a smooth arc. Both are essential filmmaking tools today. 


Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head
  • Continuously adjustable OConnor sinusoidal counterbalance
  • Cine standard positioned controls including brakes
  • Intuitive front handle mount
Oconnor Ultimate 2575D Fluid Head
  • Spreader is infinitely adjustable spreader
  • Integral tripod with strong elastic clip-down device which can be secured in seconds
  • LM25 anodised, stove enamelled black texture castings