Designed to hold a camera in a manner that prevents or compensates for unwanted camera movement, stabilisers can eliminate ‘camera shake’ and help smooth out handheld action shots. In JCineCast’s experience, they have become an integral part of the filmmaking process, supporting endless creative possibilities in cinematography.

Tiffen Steadicam M-2

  • a lighter weight and lower cost high end system
  • directly built in with the revolutionary Steadicam Volt™ technology

Servicevision Mini Scorpio EZ Head
  • 2 axis remote head for video, film and HD cameras  
  • Booth Axis have a central hole: 50mm (2’’) Pan and 70mm (2’’ 3/4) Tilt for passing cables through them
Servicevision Mini Scorpio Head HD
  • 2 and 3 axis remote head for video and film cameras 
  • Can be controlled from up to 500m by cable series RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2.4GHz
Steadicam AIR-25 / AIR-15 Air Monopod
  • 100% gas lift activated by adjustable foot pedal 
  • Weight capacity: 11.3kg (25lbs) and 6.8kg (15lbs) 
  • Made of Carbon Fiber 1.6kg (3.5lb) 
  • Converts handheld motorized gimbals into a body worn stabilizer
  • Greatly reduces the common bouncing image effect on the z-axis while walking with handheld gimbals
Servicevision Scorpio Stabilized Head V
  • Highest speed is 360°/2.8 seconds
  • Have PAN 360° rotation
  • Able to tilt 270°
Servicevision Scorpio Stabilized Head
  • Highest speed is 120°/Second all axis 
  • Have PAN 360° rotation
  • Able to tilt 360°
Steadicam M-1
  • Superior rigidity and smooth stage
  • Field serviceable and easy-to-maintain gimbal
  • Two indexed posts (compacted length 26”, extended length of 41”)
Steadicam Shadow
  • Compact post design and shortened battery rods 
  • Standard BNC connectors
  • Low profile nose box


Steadicam Zephyr V
  • 9-23lbs (4-10.4kg) nett camera weight
  • Adjustable Iso-Elastic Arm™
  • Telescopic carbon fibre post
Maximus 7 Remote Head
  • Compact, lightweight and weather-proof
  • Levelling head not required
  • Quick system mounting for all rigs—Mitchelle mount included
Steadicam Archer2
  • High-quality Steadicam for video and film applications
  • Low-cost, lightweight, and fully featured
  • HD-ready; G-40 Arm with a boom range of 29”
MyWay Grip


  • Customised, interchangeable rigging system
  • Two-part patent pending locking system of industry standard attachments and mounts
  • Save space, weight, cost and setup time
  • Future-proof investment