To help machinery and engines constantly keep up their productivity levels and guarantee maximized efficient and safe performance, Jebsen Industrial has developed a portfolio of engine parts for automotive, industrial and marine application based on stringent quality and performance requirements. This is supported by a well-trained engineering team that provides fast, timely, safe and reliable technical services matching individual needs and requirements.

John Deere Diesel Engines - Generator Sets
  • Durable diesel engines for standby or prime power generation
  • 27kW to 415kW prime power output; fuel-efficient
  • Tier 1—Teir 4 emissions standards; expert support services
John Deere Diesel Engines - Industrial
  • Durable, fuel-efficient diesel engines for varied industrial use
  • 36kW to 448kW output; Tier 1—Teir 4 emissions standards
  • Built for tough working environments; expert support services
约翰迪尔柴油发动机,John Deere Diesel Engines - Marine
John Deere Diesel Engines - Marine
  • Marine propulsion, generator drive, and auxiliary diesel engines
  • Low noise and vibration; compact design; fuel economy
  • Power up 455kW; application flexibility; expert support