Jebsen Industrial presents a portfolio of engines and generator sets to power Greater China's industrial sector. Working exclusively with brands of the highest calibre, it offers customers a wide variety of solutions for different projects and requirements. As the industry looks for greener, more environmentally friendly power solutions, Jebsen Industrial also offers some of the world’s most advanced engines that are fully compliant with international emissions standards.

John Deere Diesel Engines - Generator Sets
  • Durable diesel engines for standby or prime power generation
  • 27kW to 415kW prime power output; fuel-efficient
John Deere Diesel Engines - Industrial
  • Durable, fuel-efficient diesel engines for varied industrial use
  • 36kW to 448kW output; Tier 1—Teir 4 emissions standards
  • Built for tough working environments; expert support services
约翰迪尔柴油发动机,John Deere Diesel Engines - Marine
John Deere Diesel Engines - Marine
  • Marine propulsion, generator drive, and auxiliary diesel engines
  • Low noise and vibration; compact design; fuel economy
  • Power up 455kW; application flexibility; expert support