Scaling new heights


China’s modern landscape of high-rise buildings and architectural wonders calls for advanced building maintenance solutions. Jebsen Industrial offers a curated selection of suspended access solutions, sourced from around the world, to meet quality standards and safety regulations. Its building maintenance units can be integrated into building architecture, taking into full consideration each other’s aesthetic and technical requirements. This is also where Jebsen Industrial adds value to its customers with its localised business and technical consultancy services. 

Teupen access platform-LEO Crawler-Mounted Access Platform
LEO Crawler-Mounted Access Platform
  • Range of compact crawler-mounted access platforms
  • Working heights from 12m–50m; outreach from 6m–20m+
  • Ideal for sites with limited access or floor load restrictions
Teupen access platform-GEPARD Trailer-Mounted Access Platform
GEPARD Trailer-Mounted Access Platform
  • Trailer-mounted access platform with slender platform mount
  • Adjustable outrigger for fast and simple set up
  • Ideal for uneven ground, limited rotational range, and quiet zones
Teupen access platform-EURO B Truck-Mounted Access Platform
EURO B Truck-Mounted Access Platform
  • Range of lightweight truck-mounted access platforms
  • Under 3.5tonnes total weight for 25m height and 11m outreach
  • Hi-tech material: low weight, higher stability and safety
Teupen access platform-EURO C Truck-Mounted Access Platform
EURO C Truck-Mounted Access Platform
  • Range of compact access platforms on 7.5 tonne vehicle chassis
  • Outrigging and boom holder within the contours of the vehicle
  • Astonishing outreach of 14.5m; working height up to 26m