Scaling new heights


China’s modern landscape of high-rise buildings and architectural wonders calls for advanced building maintenance solutions. Jebsen Industrial offers a curated selection of suspended access solutions, sourced from around the world, to meet quality standards and safety regulations. Its building maintenance units can be integrated into building architecture, taking into full consideration each other’s aesthetic and technical requirements. This is also where Jebsen Industrial adds value to its customers with its localised business and technical consultancy services. 

Cable Festoon System
  • Power cable carriers for crane and hoist equipment
  • Effective management of power cables
  • Various cable payout and retrieval methods to suit application
Insulated Conductor Systems
  • Insulated power conductor systems
  • Flexible and safe powering of rail-based systems
  • High safety standards; suitable for many applications
Aluminium-Enclosed Conductor Systems
  • Aluminium-enclosed power conducting systems
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Usable in harsh conditions, with temperatures up to 100° C
Powerail Enclosed Conductor Systems
  • Enclosed conductor systems with plastic housings
  • Compact, easy installation
  • Corrosion resistant, space saving