Jebsen Industrial offers an outstanding portfolio of industrial lifting equipment, backed by a huge spare parts inventory, professional training services, and customization and deployment support. Its solutions include standard cranes, tailor-made cranes, engineered cranes, explosion-proof cranes, gantry cranes, container storage cranes, monorail systems, slewing jib cranes, rope hoists, chain hoists, and air hoists.

Pendant Control System
  • Range of control pendants to suit installation
  • Designed for fatigue-free usage
  • Resistant to harmful substances
Container Storage Crane
  • Tailor-made crane for easy storage of new containers
  • Built in Asia from standard MHE-Demag components
  • In-house design and engineering for quality and fast service
SKF Bearing Grease
  • LGWA 2, LGMT 3 and LGMT 3TH
  • High-quality grease
  • Goes through a precise deployment to meet the appropriate market applications


Chameleon BMU platform
  • Suspended platform hoist for building maintenance
  • Versatile, agile, and safe
  • Maximum speed 8.8 m/s, rope load equaliser
Frequency Evaluator FAW-1
  • Overload protection for the crane’s hoisting system
  • Safe and reliable operation of hoists to capacity
  • Load limitation, summation measurement, hoist motor cut-off
Gear Motor
  • Modular gearbox and motor drive systems
  • Large range of configurations and performance
  • Features to improve smoothness and positional accuracy
Wheel Block
  • Modular range of wheel blocks for travel units
  • Versatile system (2.75 t to 40 t capacity)
  • Self-lubricating wheels; laser alignment
SKF Bearing
  • Using extremely pure grade
  • Homogeneous quality and with very few chromatin steel 
  • Unique heat treatment technology 
OMS | Escalator Drive (EC2-7, EC2-25)
  • Efficient single or tandem drive for escalators and travelatros
  • Bearing life time of 140,000 hours
  • Compact; low-noise; low maintenance; energy saving