Jebsen Industrial supplies and supports advanced electrification systems for overhead and elongated tracks for cranes, monorails, electric hoists, electric tools, stacking systems, and other applications.

The latest electrification systems supply power to moving power loads while also transferring control signals. Compact arrangement and easy installation are important, while safety, corrosion resistance, and the ability to work in the extreme environmental conditions common in Asia – heat, humidity, and cold – are vital.

Cable Festoon System
  • Power cable carriers for crane and hoist equipment
  • Effective management of power cables
  • Various cable payout and retrieval methods to suit application
Insulated Conductor Systems
  • Insulated power conductor systems
  • Flexible and safe powering of rail-based systems
  • High safety standards; suitable for many applications
Aluminium-Enclosed Conductor Systems
  • Aluminium-enclosed power conducting systems
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Usable in harsh conditions, with temperatures up to 100° C
Powerail Enclosed Conductor Systems
  • Enclosed conductor systems with plastic housings
  • Compact, easy installation
  • Corrosion resistant, space saving