As emissions standards around the world grow increasingly stringent, Jebsen Industrial helps its customers in Greater China stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge industrial engine solutions. It works with worldwide industry-leaders to bring in a complete range of engines that comply with international emissions regulations while delivering the efficiency at work that customers demand. Jebsen Industrial’s industry experts also work closely with customers to understand their needs, identify the optimal solutions and ensure smooth and seamless delivery. 

John Deere Diesel Engines - Industrial
  • Durable, fuel-efficient diesel engines for varied industrial use
  • 36kW to 448kW output; Tier 1—Teir 4 emissions standards
  • Built for tough working environments; expert support services
约翰迪尔柴油发动机,John Deere Diesel Engines - Marine
John Deere Diesel Engines - Marine
  • Marine propulsion, generator drive, and auxiliary diesel engines
  • Low noise and vibration; compact design; fuel economy
  • Power up 455kW; application flexibility; expert support