Functional ingredients are used in foods for purposes of being nutritional, stimulating and regulating physiological conditions. These functiona; ingredients can stabilize a good health condition by stimulating immunity, prevent illness by increasing the intake of dietary fiber and optimizing microbial composition in the body, reduce the intake of sugar and fat, delay skin aging, eradicate free radicals and promote bone health.

Squeeze Herb Sauce
  • Easy-to-use
  • Diversified combination of natural herbs and flavour compound
  • Used as sauce, garnish or marinade
Fresh Dry + Aromatic Herb
  • Traceability: Quality assurance from farm to storage
  • Safety: Strict controls in microbial account and non-GMO
  • Convenience: Free flowing (3-5mm granules); ease of storage and use 
Individually Quick Frozen Aromatic Herbs (IQF Aromatic Herbs)
  • Freshness: well-preserved aromatic thanks to the advanced technology
  • Long shelf life: Three years (frozen) starting from manufacturing date
Infused Oil | Daregal
  • 100% natural; no additives
  • Clean label:sunflower oil and herbs
  • Full traceability and consistent quality