Wheat Protein

Wheat Protein for a Healthier Choice

With consumers increasingly aware of health issues, it is no wonder that there has been an increase in the demand for products with natural nutritional supplements. As the largest component after water, proteins make up 17% of the human body. However, most people consume less protein than their body requires, creating an imbalance in bone and muscle mass. This protein deficiency can lead to an increased risk of fracture and osteoporosis as we age. That is why Jebsen Specialty Chemicals recommends Tereos Syral as your natural source of wheat protein.

Wheat is an excellent source of protein. Unlike meat, wheat protein does not deliver as much fat content, making it a choice protein alternative to meat and dairy. Wheat protein is binding, high in protein, highly soluble, enhances the satiety and texture of food, and contains emulsifying properties in low pH systems. The protein also facilitates muscle development by helping muscles recover and grow post-exercise, and is particularly suited as an ideal supplement for athletes.


  • 100% natural
  • Highly cost effective
  • Neutral taste
  • Range in solubility based on product
  • Improves shelf-life of products
  • Tereos Syral Amygluten™ and Meripro™ wheat protein product lines are great supplements to health, weight management, and sports nutrition. They are typically applied to non-dairy creamers, meat products, snacks, cereal bars, bread and cholesterol-free dressings, among other products.
  • 100% wheat
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Suitable for vegetarian diets
  • Documented studies
  • Stimulates muscle build up and recovery in athletes
  • Promotes muscle mass maintenance in the elderly
Wheat Protein,小麦蛋白Wheat Protein,小麦蛋白
Wheat Protein,小麦蛋白
Wheat Protein,小麦蛋白