Sauces are well loved for their ability to complement and bring out the full flavours of any dish. To create the perfect sauce, manufacturers often turn to natural additives to enhance aroma, taste, texture and even nutritional value.


As an established leader in the food ingredients industry, Jebsen Industrial offers an extensive range of sauces and seasonings that are safe and flexible in use. In addition to food engineers around China, the state-of-the-art Jebsen Specialty Chemicals R&D Centre in Shanghai provides food ingredients research and technical services to support the development of new and innovative products.

Chicken Paste
  • Natural, safe
  • Healthy, nutritious
  • Delicious



Curry Powder
  • 质量稳定,品质可靠
  • 香味浓郁,风味纯正
  • 采用瓶装,方便使用
    • Consistent and reliable quality
    • Rich aroma and authentic flavour 
    • Conveniently bottled for ease of use



    Cracked Black Pepper
    • Quality-guaranteed premium ingredients
    • Rich flavour and aroma
    • Versatile in use 



    Anti-caking Agent,抗结剂
    Anti-caking Agent | PQ
    • Controlled particle size (4 – 22 μm)
    • Fast flow rates, less flow variability, resists over-mixing
    • High moisture capacity, high oil absorption
    STA-LITE® Polydextrose | Tate&Lyle
    • Available in powder and liquid form
    • Lends body and texture to products
    Squeeze Herb Sauce
    • Easy-to-use
    • Diversified combination of natural herbs and flavour compound
    • Used as sauce, garnish or marinade
    Fresh Dry + Aromatic Herb
    • Traceability: Quality assurance from farm to storage
    • Safety: Strict controls in microbial account and non-GMO
    • Convenience: Free flowing (3-5mm granules); ease of storage and use 
    Individually Quick Frozen Aromatic Herbs (IQF Aromatic Herbs)
    • Freshness: well-preserved aromatic thanks to the advanced technology
    • Long shelf life: Three years (frozen) starting from manufacturing date
    Infused Oil | Daregal
    • 100% natural; no additives
    • Clean label:sunflower oil and herbs
    • Full traceability and consistent quality
    Oleoresins, Essential Oils

    • High-grade raw materials
    • Latest extraction technologies: steam distillation, solvent extraction; super-critical extraction
    • Advanced manufacturing processes