As food security becomes an increasingly serious aspect, each of the four stages of production, processing, packaging and transportation requires strict control. Baking and food processing involves the use of baking ingredients, baking paper, and equipment for grinding and for packing boxes, bags and cases. Imported quality baking ingredients with retrievable source not only enhance the taste and texture of food, but deliver health-improving features such as sugar-free or low fat; while automated packaging equipment contributes to improved security and packaging quality through standardized processes.

Squeeze Herb Sauce
  • Easy-to-use
  • Diversified combination of natural herbs and flavour compound
  • Used as sauce, garnish or marinade
Fresh Dry + Aromatic Herb
  • Traceability: Quality assurance from farm to storage
  • Safety: Strict controls in microbial account and non-GMO
  • Convenience: Free flowing (3-5mm granules); ease of storage and use 
Individually Quick Frozen Aromatic Herbs (IQF Aromatic Herbs)
  • Freshness: well-preserved aromatic thanks to the advanced technology
  • Long shelf life: Three years (frozen) starting from manufacturing date
Infused Oil | Daregal
  • 100% natural; no additives
  • Clean label:sunflower oil and herbs
  • Full traceability and consistent quality