The opportunities for success in China’s beverage industry are rising in tandem with the growing affluence of the Chinese consumer. With its keen understanding of market trends, Jebsen Industrial helps manufacturers seize these opportunities by updating their product offerings to suit changing consumer tastes.

Jebsen Industrial represents functional ingredients for beverages that can be used to improve flavour, texture and mouth-feel while boosting the nutritional value and health benefits of drinks. Its team of experienced industry professionals also work closely with customers to tailor complete solutions for their business.

JTaste Yoghurt Milk Powder


  • Made from premium milk, protects health 
  • Rich milky fragrance and flavour 
  • Easy to use and water soluble




JTaste Corn Juice Powder
  • Quality-guaranteed premium ingredients 
  • Rich in fragrance and flavour 
  • Easy-to-use, ready-to-drink format